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Tap into your infinite soul, cultivate deep healing, and create a path for successful creative expression. Enjoy renewal and a sense of true happiness in this series of outdoor Class -  Fall Equinox 12pm-1:15PM

Including special Mditation for this auspetious energetic - time!

Sliding Scale 10-20


Gain INNER FREEDOM and SELF- FULFILLMENT, with Akiva Satnarayan, 

(Sukshma Vyayama)




  • NOT TO BE MISSED - an opportubnitry to heal, be empowered and boos your life force!
  • The tradition of Sukshma Vyayama (vitality practices that clear and empower the physical aetheric, and spiritual bodies) infused by mantra (Naam), it is a subtle body form of yoga very physical, uplifting, and energizing form. 1, 2, 3, - healing, clearing, revitalizing = happiness


75 minutes - of Yoga, movement - Subtle body practicess that will shift your Physical, mental and spiritual bodies into voital life force! Including a Gong Sound Bath!


  • LOCATION: Reagle Park, Sebastopol   

Fall Equinox YOGA Transformation (Breath Medicine; Naam In Motion)

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