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April's Card - 'The Hanged Man'

APRIL - the pinnacle of spring, ascending toward summer solstice - brings that sense of freedom and liberation. Liberation is within the context of the hanged man tarot card, the 12 station in the souls journey within the major arcane.

The main message is liberation is a passive act of consciousness, Surrender to your higher self. true liberation - is about breaking old behavior, old habits, letting go of past attachments. Surrounding to a higher self is about relinquishing the illusion of control and letting your inspired self to take over. Cast your ego to the wind.

The card with its inverted figure brings the principle of heart above mind. Trusting our heart creates new and miraculous possibilities. In the coming month, avoid conflicts and disputes, have fun, shy away from being critical or judgmental, let spirit lead the way to guide you from a position of conflict and struggle into the ease of beauty and splendor (the path between 'Gebura' and 'Hod' in the tree of light).

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