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July-reality or fantasy?

The title suggests a month under the veil of illusion. A cycle of 11 means conflicting times, challenges, and opportunities will show up in a new unrecognized light. The base or foundation of July's numeric chart is under the significant number of 13. I know - we have mixed feelings about 13.

13 is a powerful number. It represents “The Power of the Word” – or the ability to manifest a reality through our speech - the power of self prophecy. 13 has a double quality of deception and betrayal. On one hand there is manifestation of negativity, on the other hand one can create beautiful and outstanding realities in their life. Thirteen will form one’s world (reality) through one’s words (in thought and speech).

13 in the base of July's chart is about overcoming deep suspicion or negativity, creating a desirable reality beyond past based attachments and disappointments. For that to occur, true inspiration is needed in order to move our reality beyond distrust or disbelief.

July will demand us to elevate ourselves individually and collectively towards inspired freedom. It will require a plan, a vision and a structure for fulfillment - working towards a desired outcome. In the 2nd half of the month, we will have to overcome inner and outer conflicts. In the process, disagreement and acts of aggression may rise.

This time cycle is about mastery of spirit. The 11 aspect is about inspired truthfulness, creating collaborations around a path, a dream, or a vision. Try to release attachments to past-based beliefs, or fanatic points of view. An 11 cycle amplifies the higher connection to ones soul desires and aspirations. An inquiry for July is of the question: "am I motivated by spirit or inspiration?" It is the time to take on purpose on a whole new level!

11 is a higher octave of two. A two cycle is all about relationships, camaraderie, and cooperation. July will move through our social network and relationships. It is time to build connections with others through communication and create a greater sense of collaboration and support.

We are about to come into a realization that what we desire for ourselves needs to be practiced and implemented through servicing others. Being of service will require taking risks and reaching out to new communities. The areas that will be highlighted in our vocation or purpose this month will be in the fields of community organizing, public speaking, spiritual or religious teachings, construction and architecture design, social working, and counseling (or any position that offer these services).

Try to ground yourself within your heart (vs. mind), since 4 (in the base of this month's chart) is the heart center and the ability to be open and neutral in times of conflict. 'Neutral' means non-reactive presence and behavior. Extra self care and meditation will support that neutral mind. Create some time for your own nourishment.

July 1- 16 The first two weeks of the months are favorable for creative collaborations and new social connections.

July 13 - Full Moon Capricorn - may effect our stubborn self, increased aggression, and reactiveness. time to take extra care of ones well being and healing.

July 17- 26 Internal time as well as extra challenge on relationships. Kindness will go along way - listen and reflect to self and others.

July 28 New Moon in Leo - focus on your creative expression - share it with others, good timing to expand areas of money and healing.

Need to look deeper?

Lets look at your numeric chart- define your own evolution in the coming months! Questions are welcomed -



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