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March 2021 - Creative Exchange - Pause before choosing

The 3rd month of a ‘3’ year (under the vibration of 3) is impulsive at heart positive at times and unrealistic. Especially in the areas of community, relationships, and home. We need to double check the reality around our goals and desires and make sure there is enough understanding when it comes to taking risks in starting a new business, moving to a new location or coming into any type of agreement.


Unresolved self expression matters from the past will come up. Providing us an opportunity to master previous insecurities and lack of confidence. It may show up as self destructive at times. The main lessons this month, will be around resolving our own issues of impulsive behavior before taking on others. Putting in work to nourish yourself is needed in order to feel secure and fully expressed (especially in family/relationships matters).

March is under the vibrations of ‘6’, this cycle focuses on social harmony within our communities and what we consider as home. All as an expression of servicing the greater good. March brings up social issues, in which our community, family and friends will need our extra attention and support. It's time to examine any legal issues such as, Insurance, wills, legal disputes or open agreements – this is the time to look at the small details and bring them to completion. Home and safety will need your attention. Matters of fixing things or maintaining any neglected area (doors, locks, fence etc.) in and around your home would be beneficial (6 is about discernment and protection). Six also support artistic expression and beauty. New line of art? Clothing, or just making our relationships more beautiful.

In the base of this month’s chart we have an opportunity to overcome fear around choice-making, money making and gaining a position of authority. Making choices in those areas, will consume some of our energies (especially when it involves others, close friends and partners). Create agreements, vs, divisions in those areas, “let's find some harmony and collaboration” will be beneficial. 8 rules general health and healing - any areas that need some improvement or support in healing will be beneficial this month (for example: teeth work that was neglected for months, re-balancing our nutrition and more).

When it comes to agreements and collaborations within one's community - be intune to the details of these agreements - avoid any sudden ‘yes’ on your part. First check the details of these agreements or possibilities. Spiritual practice and connecting to spirit will go a long way this March - avoid conflicts, and powerstrugles, don't be fearful to suggest and voice your opinion. Meditation and stimulating our intuition will be a favorable practice this month.


Need more input to make some powerful choices: lets set time for Forecast, Destiny, Applications



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