Be at the right place, at the right time with the right people!

Everyday (Tantric) Numerology Certificate Program

3 month Immersion

4/8/2021 (Early bird 30% off through- 2/21)

Ignite the purpose you were given in this lifetime!

Understanding your numeric blueprint will give you the capacity to gain insight into your own operating system.  The ‘code’ as it is defined within a numeric chart can give clarity of purpose and a road map. The knowledge and application of (Everyday) numerology can be beneficial in many areas - it can provide a framework for manifestation, for an effective strategy, and  for understanding and owning one’s motives and strengths. It will help yourself and others make quick choices in the areas of career path, money making, partnerships and more.

Tuition and Payment Options

1. Background and History of Numerology

2. The 11 bodies of awareness

3. The Numeric Chart: its purpose and function

4. Extra calculations and significant numbers

5. The Chart Applications to: communication, choice making, potential and destiny

6. Transformer numbers - Key to shifting challenge into benefit.

7. How to form and conduct a chart.

8. Time Cycles: the personal Year

9. Monthly, Weekly and daily Time Cycles

10. Constructing a consultation

11. Completion - and final certificate test

Thursdays 6:15PM-7:15PM)

Each class will be held live online over Zoom conferencing platform.  Classes will be recorded and made available for all. (when holiday is on a Thursday we will skip a week).

30% off Tuition: $1375.00

if paid in full by 3/15 $1275.00 ($375 Discount)

(Regular Price: $1650)

Deposit: $321.00

Paid remainder in full (by 4th module) - $1054.00

Pay difference in 4 payments (+5% additional fee) of 275.00

Tuition and Payment Options

Advance your Intuitive capacity!

Coach? Therapist? Healer? HR personnel?

Let's find if this certificate program is a fit for you!

Ready to put a deposit?

Private Consultations that will align your potential with destiny!

Everyday (Tantric) Numerology defines numerology as a non-dual structure to observe and experience the universe.  It’s a cosmic system, which identifies the patterns you will thrive by, and their beneficial timing. 

Schedule Your Numeric Consultation

Your (Numeric) Code, Your Destiny

1 hour reading


Numeric Consultation is Life Changing. 

Looking at your Numeric code will set your life course in a positive pole including a month-by-month road map for the upcoming year,  looking at the currant evolution of career, money and relationships.

A Gift Certificate format is available as well.

Partnership Chart Reading

1.5 hour reading

$210 20% off 

Through March

(Regular $250)

Uncover the nature of your connections. 

A Partnership chart is a compatibility map through the combined values of both parties (whether romantic or business compatibility). It is a longer reading where we will asses, and examine the combined and parallel journeys of both parties: including key values and anchors to hold and maintain the partnership in a positive pole.

Business Strategy Chart Reading

1.5 hour reading

$240.75 25% off 

(Regular $321)

Boost your business with numbers on your side.

A one-and-a-half hour, of looking at your fundamental partnerships and strategy within your business.  A Business Chart is the alignment of one's passion and the timing progression for launching, changing, and maintaining your business (we may look at your brand as well).

Special 30 minute Readings 

(Sliding Scale $65-$75) 

Upcoming Trainings:

The Code 2021 - Two part forecast - online


Your soul strategy 2021

6:00pm - 8:00pm


Activate the up-coming year’s Numeric code!

Be Bold to live your truth, your goodness, and purpose!

Use divine Timing of Challenge and Opportunity to your advantage.


How to use the numeric code to your advantage. Looking at Opportunities, Challenges, Archetypes and Symbols. as well as tools to maintain the year in a positive pole in the areas of career, relationships, politics and money.

Tantric Numerology Certification


November 23rd, 2020

Early bird  

Payment Plan 

Life purpose tools for the Aquarian Age.

Be at the right place, at the right time with the right people!

Learn How to apply the universal laws (Kabbalah) to your own life purpose! And gain the knowledge to move beyond your Karmic limitations, into a desired destiny.

"River Of Dreams" 2021 Calendar

(limited addition)

Order Now

Limited addition

12 month, portrayed through the prism of the Tarot Major Arcana.

Kabbalistic - imprints to benefit the usage of the calendar.

A year of re-creation, creative expression, magic and extra dramatic flair!


8.5"x14" high quality wall calendar printed on card stock.

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