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Coming Up:

Classes, Trainings & Certification Programs


Soul-R Yoga, breath medicine,

Naam in  motion - streaming on Zoom: 4 - pre recorded class subscription!

Single Class

Sliding Scale

$15 - $21

An opportunity to heal, be empowered and replenish

one's life force!

  • Concentrated one hour of Yoga, movement - Subtle body practices and meditation; that will shift your physical, mental and spiritual bodies into vital life force! 

  • Especially designed for these times!

  • With Akiva Satnarayan – Meditation and Yoga Teacher trainer (Kripalu Yoga, KRI, Naam Yoga, Sukshma Vyayama)

4 class Package - monthly subscription - $24



Numerology Certificate Program

I and II

NEXT Course Starts MAY 2024

Mondays 6:15pm-7:15pm

Gain the guidance of your code,

and help others do the same: 

Understanding your numeric blueprint will give you the capacity to gain insight into your own operating system.  The ‘code’ as it is defined within a numeric chart can give clarity of purpose and a road map. The knowledge and application of (Everyday) numerology can be beneficial in many areas - it can provide a framework for manifestation, for an effective strategy, and  for understanding and owning one’s motives and strengths. It will help yourself and others make quick choices in the areas of career path, money making, partnerships and more.

Course information and logistics


TAROT - LIFE Solutions! 

30 minute readings


a reading

mapping your evolution and creative success:

consultation will reveal a clear Understanding of a give dilemma   a clear choice making - moving beyond the ‘blind spots’ of circumstances - Through 'the bridge' of the unseen.


The Results:

• finding immediate solutions and strategy

for the upcoming months.

• Creating the 'Bridge' to your desired destiny!

• A plan at hand


"YOGA is the journey of the self through the self to the self" (Patanjali)

Special 30 minute Numeric Readings  

(align potential and destiny) creating beneficial choices right here right now!  

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