Clear the path to

your highest potential

Let go of what no long serves, 

welcome in love, peace, & light


This treatment works to sweep away old karma along the central conduit of energy, the spine. Harmonyum is also meant to restore an individual’s original spiritual imprint as it was at birth and address health issues held within one’s DNA and past experiences. As negative patterns and emotional issues accumulate in one’s energetic body, issues in the physical body may arise. Harmonyum can manage the energy imbalance before it gets to the physical level.


"Harmonyum allows the spiritual Sun to rise in your heart."

- Harmonyum Founder, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry.


Harmonyum Healing is a non-invasive, spiritual treatment that heals and opens the heart by purifying it from all suffering, pain and negative energies.

Harmonyum I

50 Minute Treatment - $125

Experience a transformative treatment which clears karma and addresses the specific needs of the heart. Harmonyum I releases energy imbalances on the mental and emotional levels before they manifest physically, and works to restore the pure spiritual imprint from birth.

Harmonyum II

1.5 Hour Treatment - $175

Harmonyum II is a rare healing modality that systematically balances, heals and recharges every organ, tissue and gland for optimal well being, even during times of stress, lack of sleep and poor nutrition. It is highly advantageous to receive Harmonyum II post surgery, while recovering from an illness, or when one is generally depleted.

Coming out of Harmonyum is like waking from a deep, restful night's sleep.  I felt grounded, renewed, and profoundly calm.  The next day I felt ready to take on any challenges with ease.