When you know what you want and you want it badly, you will find the way to make it happen!

Purpose Workbook Business Coaching

Is a Coaching process which takes 'Creatives' like yourself from the spark of intention to a personal brand, making what you'r passionate about your business! (25% off tuition through 2/2/22)

You have financial gain. You have amassed power and respect in your field. You have a successful career, yet have been complaining for years that your path has not been utilizing your creative expression. For years you have wanted to have your own signature mark as a creative source, yet consistently denied that true expression - 


The time has come to take on your creative voice and its Value and offer it to the world!

'Your Purpose Work' is a self fulfilling prophecy.

In this 90 day process you will gain direct access to your success code, and create a clear vision for your life's-work, so you can attract the right resources and cliental into your life. Together we will clarify your passion and areas of desire, look at your strengths and weaknesses, establish strategies and accountability, and practice choosing your expression from a place of power.

We'll talk each week, steadily growing and expanding your process and stepping you closer to making your work, your purpose.  Helpful homework assignments keep you focused between our calls.

Over the course of 90 days, Purpose Workbook includes: 

  • Six 1-hr Coaching Sessions

  • Six 20-min Check-In Phone Calls

  • Weekly work modules & Practical Steps towards a 'personal brand'

  • Clarification of Personal Purpose & Career Goals

  • Individualized Business & Career Assessment

why Purpose Work book is effective?


"Purpose Workbook brought immense clarity and was a catalyst for unexpected and positive growth in my business. I am able to find a deeper satisfaction from my work knowing that it is facilitating my purpose. Highly recommend!"  -Naomi

"Akiva is a very effective purpose/business coach. His positive support and focused guidance helped me successfully navigate through a big career transition." - Stefanie 


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Would you like to be successful in offering your

value to many?

Purpose Coaching - a 3-month process!

As an entrepreneur, with experience running two successful businesses, and over twenty years experience in creating effective brand strategies, my business coaching framework will support your creative expression and vision, framing clearly your offerings and creating a successful strategy, to expand your message and earnings.

A coaching process is a framework and a structure to support your business, assign appropriate value to your offerings, and create a successful narrative strategy which provides a steady funnel for revenues. 

Coaching Topics Include: 

  • defining your purpose

  • Creating a clear value proposition

  • Removing obstacles 

  • Articulating your personal brand

  • Providing a strong narrative to your stake-holders

  • Effective actionable startegy 

Schedule a free 20min coaching checkin session today!

Step into your life Purpose today!

25% off through 2/2/22 - $1150

Payment plan available (regular $1518)

Business Coaching Session:

A coaching process and relationship is a framework and a structure to support your creative force, clearly frame your offerings, and create a successful business plan and funnel for revenues.

- Individual session $231

- Package of 3 - $575 20% off

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Tantric Numerology Certification

Two part Course

Starts 3/02/2022

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Life purpose tools for the Aquarian Age.

Be at the right place, at the right time with the right people!

13 weeks of transformation!

Learn How to apply the universal laws (Kabbalah) to your own life purpose! And gain the knowledge to move beyond your Karmic limitations, into a desired destiny.

12 week Immersion: Certificate program: For counselors; therapists; coaches; HR Personnel With a Weekly Class. Certificate will provide applications (knowledge and practice) to Personality/character; Career/purpose; Wealth/abundance; Relationships ; Health/evolution; timing/opportunity



Classes and Trainings with Akiva 

  • Soul-R Yoga Breath Medicine and Mantra in motion: Monthly 4 pre recorded classes - The ultimate Vitality booster - Get Your Mojo Back!

  • "The Code 2022" - Recorded forecast and applications for the upcoming year - for your benefits in the areas of relationship, money and career.

  • Numerology Reading Gift Certificate - The Numeric code will set your destiny in a positive pole for the upcoming year and beyond - Through 2/02/22!

MORE YOU in 2022 - a 4-week process 

Weekly Class and Weekly assignment to form your purpose narrative + Value

Creating 'Yourself as a brand'!

1. Creating a remarkable future - defining clearly your dream scenario.
2. having a solid ‘practice’ of driving your purpose and engaging your ideal collaborators.

3. 'Trouble shooting' - Coming from completion - breaking down ones vision to actions.
3. Communicating your vision!



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Class Time: 6:15pm-7:15pm PT