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A 12 week course in which you will gain the knowledge and practice of the Tarot!
Being a seeker is our ultimate experience in this lifetime. Seeking an insight, an answer, a life-lesson is part of our journey - we are in the quest for knowledge, self-discovery, and wisdom. This course emphasizes the personal journey and the insights that can be gained through introspection and exploration.

Course will shift ones awareness,  intuition, and cercumstences for the better!


Course will cover: 

  • The Magical Matrix of all 78 cards 
  • The Tarot and its Tree of life blue print!
  • Symbols and archetypes
  • The Tarot and Numbers
  • The Zodiac effect
  • Magic nine cycle
  • Applications to money, career and relationships
  • How to Coach with the Tarot


If interested to joine:
​send an e mail to


August 10 Introduction - 2-3pm PDT

Weekly Classes (Mon or Wed) through October 14

6-7pm PDT



1. Weekly Class every Wednesday 6pm-7pm Paciffic time


2. Handouts will be provided prior to class


3. All Classes will be recorded, so if you are missing a class - you will be able to catch up as well as observe the material on your own pace.



Early bird fee $795 (regular $1150)

Through 7/24.


After that date course tuition will be - $1150


3 Payments plan is available (with 5% additional processing fee):

Deposit of $402 + two monthly additional  payments of $402 each


Have questions or requests? schedule a call through my callendar

The Tarot Course 2024

$1,150.00 Regular Price
$795.00Sale Price
  • Logistics:

    1.Weekly Class every Wednesday 6pm-7pm PDT

    2.Handouts will be provided prior to class

    Tuition: Early bird fee $795 (regular $1150) Through 7/8 (New Moon).

    After that regular fee of $1150

    3 Payments plan (5% additional fee)

    Deposit of $402 + two monthly additional  payments of $402 each

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