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Change your focus for 2020 - Tarot Card Prints

Limited Addition Tarot Prints

Transformation and healing in 2020.  These six prints, selected a key themes for this year, come with a special invocation to guide you in calling these energies into your life.

Size: 9"x12", high quality digital print on archival stock

Print: $37  Framed: $65


17 - The Star

Symbol of harmony, inner knowing, luck


The eight-pointed star becomes a center of a renewed world, symbol of clarity and pure truth. The soul is purifying the space – bringing clarity, stillness and fresh order.

The seven creative planets are in their position. We are regaining our inner knowing and acceptance of our universe.   Connecting heaven and earth – high wisdom.


13 - Death

Symbol of reinventing self, resurrection and rebirth - the new you


Removal of emotional attachment so the soul can shine brightly. Deception, at times can be an act of self-sabotage - removing that element of illusion. Letting go.


Rebirth. Sailing into a new dawn. This is a new beginning. Everything has a point of ending – allowing a new state of rebirth and rejuvenation.


21 - The World

Symbol of Self realization, fulfillment, spiritual alignment - your purpose is fulfilled


Jupiter is shining on us, illuminating total alignment with the universe. Coming to a state of unity and harmony and completion (the negative side is to be willing to move beyond the limitation that stage of comfort is providing).


Building a new world, where wholeness and individuality come together.


4 - The Emperor

Symbol of structure and consistency, power of authority, getting things done


The mundane, structure and form, the drive, the force of physical of power and money (Aries), has no eternity, kings come and go – transformation, bringing matter to spirit. The elemental, evaporates! Mental strength.


The Ram – is the first sign in zodiac – the initiator, the pioneer.


18 - The Moon

Symbol of dreams, overcoming illusion, getting real, seeding a higher calling


The moon - the emotional dream or internal state of reflection, recognizing duality, illusion. A state where the sun is radiating behind, to ignite the rebirth of the one, shading light on false sense of security.


A seed has been planted for higher inspiration to take place - taming the instinctual and cultivating one higher calling.


7 - The Chariot

Symbol of inspiration, taking the high road to fulfill ones ideas and plans


Mastery of opposites creating friction to move ideas and plans forward.  Creative change, which leads to strength and victory. Union and restrain over pleasure open the road for clarity of purpose, conquering matter in the quest of the highest good (spirit).


Uniting shadow and light toward a higher calling.

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