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Know Yourself, know your reality, take Charge of your Destiny!

Everyday (Tantric) Numerology Certification Program

Understand the 'language' of numbers to balance your inner and outer realities.

Early bird special through January!

In 11 modules over 6 months, you will: 

  • Gain an understanding of the numeric code! (30+ positions and configurations within a chart)

  • Learn how to form a personal profile, and a numeric chart.

  • Understand how to configure the cyclical nature of yearly, monthly, weekly and daily time cycles.

  • Form a clear framework for a consultation.

Early Bird benefits Through January!

Class begins on February 17

Space is limited - Fill an application to apply

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Numerology and timing; business and purpose tips

Wealth is the perfect alignment between spirit, intention, & matter.

90 Day Purpose Workbook Quest

Business Coaching with Akiva

Realize your  signature mark as a creative source - no longer deny your true expression!

Make what you love, your business!

With six months of business coaching, get the framework you need to succeed in your work and life, pursuing your purpose.  Define the values you offer and the fulfillment you deserve. 

Akiva Satnarayan: 

Just like you I had a 'successful' career - branding Strategist, Creative Director, created and led two creative agencies in NYC, taught at FIT and Pratt Institute - yet I was complaining repeatedly about not being truly creative and authentic in my purpose.

After years of self inquiry, mastering breath work, yoga and meditation, studying and teaching numerology, tarot, archetypal astrology, and Kabbalah, I have realized the framework for making my creative goals practically achievable.  The creative spirit within us is the guru within - realize your purpose today.

If you are seeking to define an authentic, successful expression in your business path,

let's have a conversation.

Coming Up:

Trainings & Certification Programs

The Code 2020

Friday 1/24

6:00 - 8:00 pm

at Sage and Stone


Activate the up-coming year’s Numeric code!

Be Bold to live your truth, your goodness, and purpose!

Use divine Timing of Challenge and Opportunity to your advantage.


How to use the numeric code to your advantage. Looking at Opportunities, Challenges, Archetypes and Symbols. as well as tools to maintain the year in a positive pole in the areas of career, relationships, politics and money.

Tantric Numerology Certification


Feb 17, 2020

Early bird tuition 

through Dec. 2019

Life purpose tools for the Aquarian Age.

Be at the right place, at the right time with the right people!

Learn How to apply the universal laws (Kabbalah) to your own life purpose! And gain the knowledge to move beyond your Karmic limitations, into a desired destiny.

Purpose Workbook: 7 week Process

4/2 2020 

Early Bird: $320 

ends March 2nd

Regular Price: $375

7 week Coaching Process In a group setting

Setting yourself up for success!  Harness your narrative, define clear values, commit to a plan - a road map for personal and business fulfillment!

Define your purpose-driving business in 3 Parts: Passion (why), Clarity (what), Fulfillment (whom).  Luck comes through a set of values and practices and a plan - a road map for fulfillment! The workshop includes an extensive work book / business manual to use beyond our time together.

Soul Mapping

NYC Area

2/8, 2020


Early Bird: $125

At the door: $150

Northern CA

5/23 - 24, 2020


Early Bird: $250

until 5/1

Regular Tuition: $300

Activate your success code.

Life purpose tools for the Aquarian Age.  Be at the right place, at the right time with the right people!  4 Modules that will provide you a unique inner knowing and will change your life:

  • LEARN How to apply the universal laws (Kabbalah) to your own life purpose! From idea to fruition.

  • GAIN the knowledge to move beyond your Karmic limitations, into a desired destiny.

  • EXPLORE planetary navigation, healing and manifestation tools, to forward your "Game".

  • IMPROVE your relationships (professional and Romantic) by using the Major Arcana's archetypes; and understand how to harmonize those connections.

  • MAP the upcoming year (2020$300), work with the universal and Individual time cycles to cultivate abundance and healing.

  • UNDERSTAND creativity through the blue print of the tree of Life, the Numerology and applications of the 7 creative planets - as a framework for SUCCESS.

Tarot Card Prints for 2020