In rapid change, the time for action 

is always Now!

Forecast 2021, Numerology Consultations!
Your current cosmic reality and its destiny

Numerology consultation will reveal a clear insight, and provide a plan - a truthful

choice making - moving beyond Your ‘blind spots’.

The Results: finding immediate solutions for the upcoming months.

An opportunity to set the cosmic clock in the right direction.


February 2021 - change and adventure

  • The rhythm of adventure and physical change with a touch being over analytical. Areas of boundaries will benefit from a clear NO, and taking more of a spiritual approach to change of pace. Would be wise to take extra care of the physical environment and physical body!


  • The vibration of a Five cycle is about change and adventure, events will move fast this Month, changes can happen unexpectedly in the areas of career, jobs and may even be in location - communication will play a role in that change - so be mindful about words – Be extra flexible (rigidity will affect your physical body and your health) – endurance will be needed (in midst of restlessness). Avoid impulsive behavior and weigh the pros and cons before making any rushed decisions. February is a time of adventure and movement, with its ups and downs; it will provide us with a new out look on opportunity. Expansion will occur when you will achieve a body mind connection and when your physical world and your mental understanding (including your belief system) will be in sync. This is a time of new discoveries. (more on Numerology 3/25)

  • The 2nd month adds that element of self doubt, trust and cooperation to the experience.  Looking for fulfillment outside of ourselves will end with disappointment. Issues and lessons of cooperation and trust will be part of our adventure in February. (over trusting or over giving away their power). A relationship with a teacher, a coach will create a positive influence to gain trust.

  • This months adventure will test our sense of boundaries and will bring some hidden wisdom from the past in order to empower the currant experience - Give yourself time alone and time to learn something new. The challenge will be in maintaining a positive outlook, ups and downs will be part that adventure - music and singing (chanting) will be the remade to support and create a positive mind set in the midst of change. Need more input on this year's progression and what to expect (recorded forecast): Forecast, Destiny, Applications

“More You in 2021” - Vision, Message, Strategy forming a plan for 2021! A monthly business/spirit class

SOUL-R-Yoga: Breath Medicine, Naam in Motion (Wednesdays and Sundays 4:30PM PST) - Tickets


The Code 2021 - forecast for the upcoming year Recordings - Destiny + Applications

4/8/21 Numerology Certificate Program - blue print of the self, the numeric chart, destiny and opportunity

Personal Chart Readings for 2021

More You in 2021 - "Your Purpose Work" Vision, Message, Strategy

• Passion/Desire - Vision 2021 - Choosing a direction

• Your personal brand through Communication

• The Road Map - Mile stones for 2021


Drop in Sliding Scale  - $21 - $28

Tools for strategy, choice making, planning and goals setting.


Time 6:00pm- 7:15pm PST

Date: 2/8


SPACE IS LIMITED to 12 participants

(Tantric) Numerology Certification Program


3 month Immersion: weekly live class which will focus on one of the 11 modules of the course; Weekly assignments and practices.

Ignite the purpose you were given in this lifetime, within your window of opportunity!

  • Gain an understanding of the numeric code!

(30+ positions and configurations within a chart)

  • Learn how to form a personal profile, in a numeric chart

  • Practice the method of coaching and counseling, using healing and analytical tools - with 'Everyday Numerology'

  • Understand how to configure the cyclical nature of yearly, monthly, weekly and daily time cycles (timing of opportunity)

  • Form a clear framework for a consultation.

  • Reduced tuition

Space is limited - More information + application!

connect via to set up a conversation.

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Numerology Forecast; Consciousness tools ; and purpose tips

Your Purpose Work - 2021 in action.

90 Day Purpose Quest with coach/cultural mentor Akiva

From spark to a personal brand, making what you love your business!

Make Your Passion available to the right people! Activate your personal brand!

Make what you love, your business!

With three months of business coaching, get the framework you need to succeed in your work and life, pursuing your purpose.  Define the values you offer and the fulfillment you deserve. 

Akiva Satnarayan: 

Just like you I have enjoyed a 'successful' career - I have created and led two creative agencies in NYC, taught design at FIT and Pratt Institute in New York - yet with all the accomplishments, authentic input was missing for me. After a period of self-inquiry, mastering (multiple systems of) yoga and meditation, studying and teaching numerology, tarot, archetypal astrology, and Kabbalah, I have had shifted to look into purpose work and human design. One's purpose work, is the framework for being seen and making our creative goals, achievable. The creative spirit within us is the life force within! “Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back” - Buddha

If you are seeking an authentic, successful expression in your career path, and a clear road map? let's have a conversation.

Consultations, Trainings & Classes 

Numerology Private Consultations

Activate the up-coming year’s Numeric code!

Be Bold to live your truth, your goodness, and purpose!

Use divine Timing of Challenge and Opportunity to your advantage.


+Looking at your current code and time cycle!
+Defining a clear path for the upcoming year and beyond!
+Identifying the right timing for opportunities in your life!

Gift Certificate Format is available as well.

Individual Consultation $155

"2021 purpose in action"

Business Coaching

Business purpose tools for the Aquarian Age.

Be at the right place, at the right time with the right people!

A coaching process and relationship is a framework and a structure to support your creative force, clearly frame your offerings, and create a successful business plan (strategy) and steady funnel  for revenues.



Individual Coaching Session

"The Code 2021" - forecast and applications for the upcoming year!

The Code 2021 - 2 hour of forecast, projected destiny, Trends and applications for the upcoming year with a month by month progression - all to your benefits in the areas of relationships, money and career.

Activate the up-coming year’s Numeric code!
Be Bold to live your truth, your goodness, and purpose!
Using it (the Code) to your advantage.

Looking at Opportunities, Challenges, as well as tools to maintain the year in a positive pole in the areas of career, relationships and money.

Special Recording

Available Of 2021 Numeric Forecast

Is available Now!

Tarot - Life Solutions

30 Minute Reading

Sliding Scale


mapping your evolution and creative success:

consultation will reveal a clear Understanding,  a clear choice making - moving beyond the ‘blind spots’ of life. 


The Results: 

finding immediate solutions and strategy

for the upcoming months.

Creating the 'Bridge' to your desired destiny

"River of Dreams" 

Tarot Calendar 2021

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