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Prepping yourself and your loved ones for 2023!

Your Life mission is attainable in 90 days 15% OFF: 6 coaching sessions and 6 check-ins, all to create your personal brand and its value, making one’s purpose their business! If you are serious about your own quest and it's brand, and in need for a business context, lets set up a free 20 minute coaching checkin!

A Course: Forming a Numeric chart in six modules

30% OFF Starting 2/20/2023

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Especially for Coaches, Therapists, Healers, and Intuitive counselors

"River Of Dreams" 2023 Tarot Calendar (limited addition)
12 month portrayed through the prism of the Tarot! Providing monthly

insight (Include New Moon and Full Moon Dates).

big picture magic through the Tarot!
8.5"x14" high quality print on card stock. Shipping fee included (US and Canada Only). Individual high-quality prints (12"x18") are available for sale! Signed Copy!

'Magical' Blessings Cards!

You choose how to bless and for what occasion or event!

3 options available 'Rebirth' 'Abundance' and 'Blessed'. Orders are available as a single card or as a pack of 3.



A Partnership chart is a compatibility map through the combined values of both parties CHARTS (whether romantic or business compatibility). 

It is a longer reading where we will asses, and examine the combined and parallel journeys of both parties: including key values and anchors to hold and maintain the partnership in a positive pole. + how this relationship will evolve in the coming year! (This is a longer Session)


Numerology I (N1)

Certification Program

  • Learn how to interpret numbers 

  • Gain the secrets of  how to form a personal profile

  • Practice the method of coaching using the analytical tools of Numerology

  • Understand how to configure the cyclical nature of yearly, monthly, weekly and daily time cycles 

  • Form a clear framework for a consultation.

  • 30% OFF tuition


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Akiva Satnarayan: Activate your Soul brand!

Just like you I have enjoyed a 'successful' career - I have created and led two creative agencies in NYC, taught design at FIT and Pratt Institute in New York - yet with all the accomplishments, authentic input was missing for me. After a period of self-inquiry, mastering (multiple systems of) yoga and meditation, studying and teaching numerology, tarot, archetypal astrology, and Kabbalah, I have had shifted to look into purpose work and a human as an archetype or a brand. One's purpose work, is the framework for being known and seen making our creative/business goals, achievable. “Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back” - Buddha

If you are seeking an authentic, successful Soul Brand and a plan? let's have a conversation!

Numerology Consultation!
10% off through September


Activate the up-coming year’s Numeric code!

Be Bold to live your truth, your goodness, and purpose!

Use divine Timing of Challenge and Opportunity to your advantage.


+Looking at your current code and time cycle!
+Defining a clear path for the upcoming year and beyond!
+Identifying the right timing for opportunities in your life!

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Selected Prints are Avaialable for purchase

from the 'River of Dreams' Tarot Deck

Archival quality digital prints.

Framed $65

Unframed $45

The Empress | The Lovers | The Devil | The Moon | High Priestess | Wheel of fortune | The Emperor | The World |

'More You 2023' - Forecast, Destiny, and Applications - Special class - Wednesday 12/14/22 6:30pm-8:00pm PDT


'More You 2023' - Forecast, Destiny, and Applications 

- 2 hour of forecast, projected destiny, Trends and applications for the upcoming year with a month by month progression!

(Recording of Class is Included)


Looking at Opportunities, Challenges, as well as tools to maintain the year in a positive pole in the areas of career, relationships and money. RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY!


"River of Dreams" 
Tarot Calendar 2023!
(individuals prints are available as well)