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Activate your freewill!

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“I have been in the business of transformation for over two decades, fortunate to share and teach “Freewill (Tantric) Numerology”, Privileged to help hundreds of people beautiful souls like yourself."

Hello! Akiva is here! My approach to Coaching is to bring a practical positivity to one's success experience, and make your desires and dreams a practice and a habit! 

I have been conducting special spirit/business trainings, transformational retreats, coaching and readings, in the United states, and Europe for two decades.

RECORDING: Forecast 2024

Forecast, Destiny, and Applications - 90 minutes of forecast, projected destiny, Trends and applications for the upcoming year all to your benefits in the areas of relationships, money and career.

Looking at Opportunities, Challenges, as well as tools to maintain the year in a positive pole in the areas of career, relationships and money. With Numerologist - Akiva Satnarayan Order Recording here!


Positive IQ - 7 week foundation (+ 4 wks 'grow') with Akiva!

"Every day me and you are sabotaging our owncapacity to succeed in life". And unless we have the tool and practice to intercept our saboteurs or limiting beliefs - we will keep on repeating the same patterns we have been practicing most of our lives. Positive IQ technique, have made a true difference for me and my clients - how about expanding your own circle of belonging! Join by clicking the link here Positive IQ 7-week foundation - starts 6/08/24


Check out my Insta for some daily-ish inspiration or my current blog post.

Lets set-up a free 'explore' session it will provide you an opening to shift some of the immediate challenges you are facing these days! 


Positive IQ

7-week foundation


course starts 5/18/24!

Offer is valid through March


30% OFF


Learn more and Join Here




2024/25 a  pivotal TIME for growth and change!


Boosting your luck Session


mapping the upcoming months!

Monthly Magic!


Book your session here

- Freewill 2024 - Numeric Forecast


Your next 12 month plot an opening for cosmic change that will effect the next 7 years!

Use link to purchase

Freewill Coaching using PQ (positive IQ) - 7 week foundation + 4 additional weeks of 'grow'

This seven-week PQ Program is designed like a mental fitness bootcamp and combines weekly video sessions with daily app-guided practices to boost your 3 core mental fitness muscles. 

Starting 5/18/24 Space is limited! Click here to Register

Numerology Forecast! Life Coaching tools! 
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Seeking an anxiety free purpose? 
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Setting you up for luck for the upcoming months!

1 hour readings (30 min available as well), Insight Mapping:

consultation will reveal a clear Understanding,  a clear choice making - moving beyond the ‘blind spots’ of life. The Results: finding immediate solutions and focus for the upcoming months. Relationship; Career; Money

Resreve Your spot Here


7 week foundation

Find your unique voice and delivering on it!

Package your outstanding Story and its value in a business context!

Define your Soul brand in 7 weeks:

Identify - Create a Blue print for your Unique story - 'more you in the world'

Express - key ingredients which makes your barnd unique

Invent - Form a strong value and offerings for your brand 

Define - the special group of customers

Navigate - your Brand and its form of communication

Activate - your Soul toward your desired dreams

ON SALE 25% off through March 24!

Class Time: Mondays 6:15pm-7:15pm PDT


Your Numeric Chart - 2024!
A road map to career, relationships and money


Use divine Timing of Opportunity to your advantage.

+Looking at your current code and time cycle!
+Defining a clear path for the upcoming year and beyond!
+Identifying the right timing for opportunities!


RESERVE your Numerology Reading Today

the gift of clarity and insight

(Like you)I have enjoyed a 'successful' career - I have created and led two creative agencies in NYC, taught at FIT and Pratt Institute NYC - yet with all the accomplishments, authentic expression was missing. After a period of self-inquiry, mastering (multiple systems of) yoga/meditation, studying & teaching numerology, astrology & Kabbalah, I have had shifted my attention to helping mainly women entrepreneurs in the area of purpose/self-expression. One's purpose work, is the framework for being known and seen, making ones creative/business goals, attainable.

“Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back” - Buddha

I help, Spiritual Entrepreneurs who desire to create a vibrant, successful business while balancing family, relationships, wellbeing and career effortlessly!


compatibility reading


A Partnership chart is a compatibility map through the combined values of both parties (Romantic or Business applications). 

It examine the combined and parallel journeys of both parties:

including key values and anchors to hold and maintain the partnership in a positive pole. 

(it is a 90 minutes reading looking at the combined charts of the two parties)

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