In rapid change, the time for action 

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Numerology Personal session!
Your cosmic reality and its destiny!

Numerology consultation will reveal a clear insight, and provide a plan - a truthful

choice making - moving beyond Your ‘blind spots’.

The Results: finding immediate solutions for the upcoming year.

July 2021 - The bright side of beginnings

July provides an inner conversation which goes like this:

"I would love to experience more of my creative expression in the world"

July is part of a completion/mastery cycle which started in June and will continue the process of clearing, letting go of matter and people, through its third week. New seeds of opportunity and sweet beginning would be activated within the last week of the month!
Patience and endurance is needed to let go of what is no longer serving us. Yet there is an upswing flavor to the experience of completion. when we complete a clearing process we allow room for something new to come, what that may be is up to you!

we are experiencing this time a growing desire for excellence and mastery. Letting go of elements in our lives which do not support our highest potential. The last week of the month - an opportunity (a cycle under the vibration of one = beginning) – new potential that will seed the next progression and choice making in the coming months. The energy of the 'radiant body' is one of courage, adventure, innovation and discovery. 

Open-up to the opportunity of shifting stagnation, to momentum. Yet be real about what is possible to create in your life and with who. Take care your eating habits and diet, (worrying will promote junk food consumption this month). Make sure you nurture yourself and give resting time for yourself first before taking on others needs or ‘baggage’, learn how to say no before taking on any task at hand (the Karmic imprint in July is about clear boundaries and monitoring the creative urge, or impulsiveness).

The potential for creative expression is high - yet within a year that is ruled by social expression and impulsiveness - Less is more, meaning: we need to weigh the prose and cones before taking on any leadership roles, or new projects; the task at hand is to have a plan which will create a steady progression toward areas of potential recognition and expression. 

“I know my boundaries” (in the 7th month) is ruled by the Crown Chakra represents consciousness, vastness, of a higher self, experience all as one “I am connected to a higher power". Shashara in Sanskrit means “ Thousand Petal Lotus", when the metaphoric lotus is open it reveals one’s potential and it’s fulfillment.

Spiritual practice and connecting to spirit will go a long way in July - avoid conflicts, don't be afraid to suggest and voice your opinion. Meditation and charging your magnetic field will be a favorable practice this month. Listening to uplifting music will fuel that inspirational 10 energy - and in terms of visualizing - think about you as a 10 - complete and inspiring being.









Personal Chart Readings for 2022 Your Destiny and Road map for the coming year!

Numerology Certificate Program Early bird discount through 7/21 Course starts 8/19/21

(Tantric) Numerology Certification Program

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13 week Immersion: weekly live class which will focus on one of the 11 modules of the course; Weekly assignments and practices.

Ignite the purpose you were given in this lifetime, within your window of opportunity!

  • Gain an understanding of the numeric code!

(30+ positions and configurations within a chart)

  • Learn how to form a personal profile, in a numeric chart

  • Practice the method of coaching and counseling, using healing and analytical tools - with 'Everyday Numerology'

  • Understand how to configure the cyclical nature of yearly, monthly, weekly and daily time cycles (timing of opportunity)

  • Form a clear framework for a consultation.

  • Reduced tuition

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Your Purpose Work - 2021 in action.

90 Day Purpose Quest with coach/cultural mentor Akiva

From spark to a personal brand, making what you love your business!

Make Your Passion available to the right people! Activate your personal brand!

Make what you love, your business!

With three months of business coaching, get the framework you need to succeed in your work and life, pursuing your purpose.  Define the values you offer and the fulfillment you deserve. 

Akiva Satnarayan: 

Just like you I have enjoyed a 'successful' career - I have created and led two creative agencies in NYC, taught design at FIT and Pratt Institute in New York - yet with all the accomplishments, authentic input was missing for me. After a period of self-inquiry, mastering (multiple systems of) yoga and meditation, studying and teaching numerology, tarot, archetypal astrology, and Kabbalah, I have had shifted to look into purpose work and human design. One's purpose work, is the framework for being seen and making our creative goals, achievable. The creative spirit within us is the life force within! “Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back” - Buddha

If you are seeking an authentic, successful expression in your career path, and a clear road map? let's have a conversation.

Consultations, Trainings & Classes 

Numerology Private Consultations

Activate the up-coming year’s Numeric code!

Be Bold to live your truth, your goodness, and purpose!

Use divine Timing of Challenge and Opportunity to your advantage.


+Looking at your current code and time cycle!
+Defining a clear path for the upcoming year and beyond!
+Identifying the right timing for opportunities in your life!

Gift Certificate Format is available as well.

Individual Coaching Session $155

"2021 purpose in action"

Business Coaching

Business purpose tools for the Aquarian Age.

Be at the right place, at the right time with the right people!

A coaching process and relationship is a framework and a structure to support your creative force, clearly frame your offerings, and create a successful business plan (strategy) and steady funnel  for revenues.




3 Session Package - $525

Individual Coaching Session $190

"The Code 2021" - forecast and applications for the upcoming year!

The Code 2021 - 2 hour of forecast, projected destiny, Trends and applications for the upcoming year with a month by month progression - all to your benefits in the areas of relationships, money and career.

Activate the up-coming year’s Numeric code!
Be Bold to live your truth, your goodness, and purpose!
Using it (the Code) to your advantage.

Looking at Opportunities, Challenges, as well as tools to maintain the year in a positive pole in the areas of career, relationships and money.

Special Recording

Numeric Forecast 2021

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Tarot - Life Solutions

30 Minute Reading

Sliding Scale


mapping your evolution and creative success:

consultation will reveal a clear Understanding,  a clear choice making - moving beyond the ‘blind spots’ of life. 


The Results: 

finding immediate solutions and strategy

for the upcoming months.

Creating the 'Bridge' to your desired destiny


"River of Dreams" 
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