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February 22 - where is home?

The 2nd beat of the year is about co-creating - if any one of us wants to move forward this month - we will need to make an extra effort to reach out to others for help and support. February is about collaboration and trust especially within a group or a team context.

If any one of us does not have a plan by now, this is the month to forge one. Create an action plan, especially around financial needs and money-making ideas. It will alleviate some unnecessary anxiety and worry. 2022 is all about structure and form + creating a plan around our greater ideas and visions ('more you 2022' forecast is available to purchase).

February highlights the need for grounding and stability at home. After a challenging beginning in January, the desire for finding something we can call home or family is in the air. Questions such as: "am I comfortable and secure in my environment?", "what are the actions that can make my home a more nurturing place?" or for some of us "where is home?" will be some of the inquiries this month.

In the base of this month's chart there is an indication of challenges associated with money and finances. There will be a need to overcome insecurities and fears to make more powerful choices in our lives. Relationships will influence our actions and choices this month, especially within family, team-work and community. There will be a need to create greater harmony in our 'village'. In a year of high ideals and a desire to excel and inspire others, February brings to heart an opportunity to complete agreements and contracts that have been on the back burner. This is the month to complete and sign the dotted line of contracts and any other type of legal forms (divorce papers, partnership agreements, leases, loan papers and more).

Collaborations with a plan will be successful this month. collaborations without a plan or a clear agreement and understanding will create delays in actions and mistrust. A clear plan will create financial gain and empowerment by default. If you need to get clear about your direction, purpose, and plan lets set up a free 20 minute coaching checkin!



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