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Bumpy April - Purpose And Destiny

April - Expect the Unexpected /forecast by Akiva Satnarayan

The imprint of April is under the time cycle of number 5 ; the implications are - Challenges in Communication, travel and the environment; obstacle for commerce, and mental overload. Patience and Endurance will be needed; Movement (driving, re locating) and travel will be on the rise. People who hold these Vibrations in their own Numeric Chart, love change, often are curious, with a taste for adventure and discovery (extra flexible when it comes to travel), they can be good communicators, and natural to the act of explaining, guiding or teaching others. This Month holds (a surprise factor) physical change. Adaptability and flexibility is needed as well as paying attention to one’s physical body and environment. Extra physical activity - cardio vascular movement, sweating, and singing will be beneficial. The influencing energy is under number 9 which represents the subtle body energy, the ability to complete tasks and the desire to master a field of interest. The challenging effect may be over sensitivity, reactiveness and sloppiness.

Number 14 “Physical and Mental Consequences”. it's a Unique month - 5 is activated through the number 14 (a significant number) especially in matters of ones heart desires especially in choice making. It will be experienced as a bumpy ride of mental strain, physical consequences and physical reactiveness. After passing through March’s ‘portal’ of illusion and getting hit with the dry reality - physical outcome of change and adventure is coming our way. The Number 14 respond to mental and physical consequences, It amply either being prone to repeat physical challenge, or injury, or be challenged with mental confinement causing the desire too break free. It may manifest itself in Harsh communication, physical neglect, or being ineffective and unpredictable. The remedy is to stick to a routine and a plan while circumstances shift, as well as treat the experience of change as an adventure.

What's Next?

Within April’s physical conditions, the earth may be under more pressure (human burden and unpredictable movement). Physical constraints will affect everyone’s reality and psych. Stormy situations and conflicts may intensify (within self and others); Flexibility and endurance will be much needed. Give yourself more room for errors when it comes to travel - "no rushing" (Airports, train terminals; as well as highways) is the daily mantra. The Outer influences will create a shift in our physical conditions and experience (communicate your experience more frequently, do not keep everything inside - adjust your communication and choice of words). Extra discernment and using the power of prayer and invocation will benefit you, as well as listening to uplifting music, and taking time along (to contemplate and discover your inner field of change), doing things out of your normal routine will uplift your mood. Need more personal input - maybe its time to schedule a consultation.

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