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July's Forecast "Find Your Sweet Spot”

July Numeric Framework is about Moving beyond conflicting feelings into inner knowing. The 7th month of the year, provides an extraordinary opportunity to hear the unspoken, to recognize the unseen reality (especially in matters of our emotional body), and unveil information that was not available before. Good time to transcend conflict and duality into a deep sense of gratitude. Heart based compassion will rise this month - especially in areas which requires forgiveness. Forgiveness is a fundamental part of this month internal process. Forgiving self and others for making some unconscious choices, and clearing the space to tap into areas which are really matter to us. The unconscious will revealed a new understanding which we didn't have before. All within a year of mastery and completion. The number 16 (which represents kindness and forgiveness) is a significant number this month, it means This time cycle will bring issues of forgiveness, and an opportunity of being a bigger person, with the ability to elevate oneself above bickering and holding onto pettiness. Focus in the coming weeks on harmony, even in the midst of disagreement. Creative expression of wisdom and service will manifest itself especially in the forms of writing and musical expressions!

A cycle under the vibrations of 7 represents a cycle of going in deeper and finding new inner space through contemplation and spiritual seeking (maybe through scriptures and written word, or series of lectures) – finding underneath the surface the knowledge to expand, elevate and grow - since 7 represents the intellect and the power of the written word. this month Numeric Chart has an effect on areas of inner understanding, mental perception, Uplifting self and others through music and singing and knowing that the annoyance with others has all to do with self!

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