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Our words matter! What is mantra and how it works?  

Our words form our thoughts, feelings and actions!

We all say something to ourselves 24/7 (even in our sleep). Thoughts formed by our words will eventually create a self fulfilling prophecy. 

As I start to pay attention to the quality of my words - I can notice what my awareness is driven by.

a meditation technique which is using a combination of words or sound is designed to shift our mind set from a negative/reactive trajectory to a positive peaceful, clear sense of self.

A mantra is a sound (can be a seed sound) or combination of sounds (or syllables) a sacred expression, a numinous sound, or group of words. A mantra may or may not have syntactic structure or literal meaning. These sound combinations affect the mind and create a physical and psychological and spiritual response. 

The word Mantra means mind wave (the root man- "to think", Manas=mind, -tra, a literal translation would be "instrument of thought; Trang=wave”) or projection. Mantras are sound-formulas that alter the patterns of the mind and the chemistry of the brain. The rhythmic repetition – will balance the “3 minds” and the physical chemistry structure in the body. The practice of ‘Naam' is the repetition of the word; on a spiritual/mental level the word creates our perception and vessel in our experience of our world. 

When Mantra linked with breath-work to create a repetitive rhythm – it produces a frequency of vibrations that link us to the collective beat, the cosmic flow and the unconditional source of energy and love in the universe.

By vibrating a particular combination of sounds one tune into various levels of intelligence (consciousness). Situations, people, and events respond to the signals we send out. 

The vibratory frequency of a mantra draws to us whatever we are vibrating (projecting).  

The act of chanting words (or repeating a thought) in a rhythmic pattern effects and redirects the mind to evoke and expand the consciousness to areas in our life that need guidance (peace, prosperity, love etc…). 

The movements of the tongue stimulate the meridian points on the upper palate of the mouth (these are sensory points – in Chinese medicine they refer to as pressure points) stimulating the hypothalamus area of the brain (which regulates vital functions of the body as well as moods, emotional behavior and sexuality). 

The patterns of the sound vibrations stimulate the HT to change the chemistry of the brain. This adjusts the functions of the endocrine system (and metabolism) to create a neutral balanced mind and to strengthen the immune function.

To face challenge with happiness, we need to watch our mental projection and use meditative techniques throughout the day - charging our positive mind battery through paying attention, conscious breathing, and noticing our words and thoughts.

I have currently in addition to the various meditation forms I offer, I have been using a technique called PQ - or positive IQ - which allow myself, piers and clients to boost the positive mind, the positive trajectory and dismantle negative voices, and self sabotaging factors.

The next 7 week foundation to learn and practice the various modules using 'Positive Intelligence' is coming up on 2/24.

FREEWILL 2024 FORECAST recording (2024 yearly forecast) is available to purchase this month! 



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