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MARCH'S dilemma

In 2024 consciousness itself is on the line, awareness!

It is the time to clear the space from different sources of noise, distractions, procrastination, and energy suckers.

Time to release any attachments or lost passions. Past ideas, or past based dreams that were a motivating factors will be reexamined.

March is about completing projects and legal disputes (unresolved contracts and agreements) that have started to take form in August of 2023, yet never came to point of closure!

Time to master and complete any unfinished business in the following areas:

legal agreements or disputes, home improvement, home safety (can be your working space as well), family and relationship dynamics that need to evolve to the better.

Time to let go of material possessions that no longer supports our current growth and direction. Do you really need to keep clothing that you'll never wear again?

The same goes to relationships that were great in the past but as we change and evolve, are not fitting our personal and public growth (need support in the area lets schedule a free Explore session). There were time that we were in total synchronicity with some friends, peers, and affiliates - but lately you have found yourself rarely crossing path with these groups. Beware of frantic, reactive positions or opinions - try to see the other side of the story even when disagreement arises.

Do not worry! March's energy will do the eliminating act, and many of us will find some of our friends and even family members leaving our path. You may feel a bit restless and anxious in the process, trust your intuition its up few notches this year.

This 'house clearing' which will continue through the third week in April, includes eliminating clutter and hoarding tendencies as well.

In the process of opening one's energetic space you may find yourself seeking for new partnerships, communities and experiences which will support your ever deepening journey.

Mastery is the other side of this 9 month completion cycle. Mastery in the area of truthfulness, and prioritizing areas of importance, and focus.

The base of this month's numeric chart (maybe it is the time to look at your own 2024/25 numeric chart) is about inspiring many, cultivating new ideals and goals, tapping into a greater sense of involvement with the collective.


Bringing to completion some of our unfinished business and incomplete projects will create a greater space (for creativity) and a sense of empowerment.

To activate a completion process - we need to form an ‘laundry list’, looking at all our open projects and pursuits and starting to identify which ones support us in our current desired expressions and which activities/projects are in the way, which ones make us joyful and happy, and which are the ones that feel forced and constraining.

below is are simple steps to create that inventory list:

1. List all of your open projects/inquiries, regarding your vision and creative pursuit.

2. Identify which ones you no longer wish to maintain or continue - and either declare them complete (and remove them from your list) or identify what are the steps to bring them to a closure.

3. Highlight some projects that support your desired destiny and define the steps needed to complete them. Break the process down to manageable small steps, with clear, measurable goals.

4. Celebrate as frequent as possible along the way.

Acknowledge every item on your list and enjoy its closure - job well done.

Learn about the collective journey of 2024, FREEWILL 2024 FORECAST recording is available to purchase this month! 



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