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February - Choice making, discerning falsehood, taking a chance around money and responsibility!

February offers an awakening of the pranic body, presenting healing opportunities, as well as taking a leadership role to forward the collective desired destiny. In a year that is focused on the our collective intuitive capacity – February brings that focus to areas of energy, money and power.

Money related issues will come up to the surface (opportunities as well), especially when it comes to supporting a community (space and physical well-being) or supporting one’s home base. Power struggles will come up, especially in the areas of leadership and authority (maybe within the small family circle or the larger community). Tribalism mentality will be on the rise. Please don’t fall pray to the mentality of “my way or the highway", try the approach of “I like some of your points of view”.

Some business opportunities are here, especially in the areas of home remodeling/space clearing, art/design, law and justice (contracts and agreements), plus, any area of business initiatives that pursuit the truth (such as journalism political activism and investigative-work). Legal disputes will be part of the mixed bag of opportunities this month. 

It is a good timing to plan, to create a structure around one’s home well-being (healthy environment and sense of comfort). Any personal health constraints that have been neglected need to be addressed now. If you have been neglecting your well-being – February provides an opportunity to take action and improve one’s health and vitality. Breathe deeply while you are making any money-based choices or taking on new responsibilities as a provider or a leader in your family or community. In February pay attention and try to find a common ground for understanding and empathy for yourself and others, avoid any power struggles, or disputes.


In the coming weeks, increase your cardio routine, breath-work will make it or break it this month... so do your walking/running routine with some intentional breathing. A simple breath routine while walking or sitting can start with a long inhale through the nose and long exhale through puckered lips (like pushing the air through a straw) it will provide focus, and micro core strength, improving confidence and metabolism.

FREEWILL 2024 FORECAST recording (2024 yearly forecast) is available to purchase this month! 



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