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Saying farewell to 2023! a physical year with physical consequences!

What have we learned? What can we apply in 2024?

23 brought into light the conflicts between Independence/freedom and authoritarian mind set on individual and collective levels, issues of emotional honesty and cooperation, internal struggles between depth of mastery vs. ‘a jack of all trades, master of none’.

A year that brought the impact of social media to extremes of titles and exaggerated slogans, without any thought process or depth behind them.  ‘surface grazing’ of knowledge have become acceptable – contributing to confusion dissatisfaction and delayed vision. (5 time cycle in 2023 is about learning and communicating) We have found ourselves tapping to too many interests and chasing after physical feedback (sometime pleasure) without real dialogue or debate. A year that lacked the possibility of real communication, and as a matter of fact opened up the opportunity for a better dialogue on a collective level in the coming 2024 (especially when it comes to fairness and justice).

23 contains a high spiritual vibration – and the gate to it would be to overcome instant gratification and pleasure seeking so we can land into the vastness and depth of experience and spirit; This extremely challenging year – of unpredictability – physical disasters, mental constrains and shattered realities, is opening a spiritual channel of collective understanding, which will drive the up coming year.

23 in the realm of the Tarot is under the 'Ace of Wands' card.This card sparks new ideas, inspiration, fresh energy, potency, and an urge of creativity. It also in its fiery character brings the root of courage, and creative force. Its potential is hidden, and these new possibilities may show up more prominently in the coming years (Tarot Reading opportunity this coming weekend).

In the US this year was under the cycle of 14 - Balance; transformation; synthesis; sexual energy. It was good for dealing with money, yet holds perversity and anger which is still some of the flavor we experiencing. We are definitely at the effect of mental confinement, distorted communication and the illusion of rebellion or revolution as a true act of freedom – in the background we are in the midst of the destruction of old beliefs and values (institutions), in order to bring an opening to the new to come.  2023 had that leaning towards violence as an acceptable means to an end. that kind of reality will continue on a collective level, yet will meet a strong opposition that is driven by fairness and justice in the coming year.

Home as a concept and it's reality may take a turn for many, to move, change location or even be nomadic for a while – yet the coming months are promising (especially toward the end of April) a landing into a home or what may be a base to congregate and create. – in the coming months, home, institutions, legal affairs, law vs. lawlessness will be some of the themes we are going to experience in the US.  (want to learn how to form your own numeric prediction for 2024? Please join us to a special workshop 1/21)

Tip for the monthThe 12th month brings - elements of power, money and healing into the mix. This is a favorable timing to gain extra life force by increasing movement and daily breath-work. In a closing year that is about physicality and the physical body - it is a great timing for extra nourishment of our bodies, giving more attention to physical limitations that we tend to dismiss. - if you don't have a daily practice or physical routine there is nothing like the present to start one (looking for support schedule a free meditation coaching).

Check out my Insta for some daily-ish inspiration. I offer life purpose coaching and a variety of consultations, Life Coaching, Numerology Readings, Tarot readings, Partnerships-compatibility readings.



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