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April - Organized Chaos

On the numeric spectrum, April is under a completion cycle which have started in March (completion cycles are ones that complete a 9 month cycle - you may be in one yourself). It is Spring Cleaning - inside/out, which will continue for the next three weeks. Clearing this month is focused around more internal space to create to allow us to be better in the areas that are closed to our heart - our passions. The 4th month can feel a bit chaotic at times, especially in our ability to be consistent and follow through on the tasks at hand; Looking for meaningful life purpose is on the line, where political, social and environmental dilemmas may be a distraction from your own ultimate purpose or passion.

Taking a leadership role and showing up, using your professional skills will be valued in the coming weeks. Acts of rebellion against authority figures (mainly male in character), will be on the rise - try to find this month a common ground with other leaders (the idealistic mind may prevent us from seeing an overlapping themes to collaborate on). In the base of this month's chart, the number 12 is prominent, it's energy may throw us off base, especially for those of us who always agree to accommodate others and have a tendency to please others at any cost. Make sure you nurture yourself and give creative time to yourself first before taking on others issues or ‘baggage’ (straighten you’re eating habits, as well).

The energy of 12 has to do with positive boundaries, lessons in authenticity will be happening this month especially in developing the muscle to say no. Empathy is the main strength for the archetype of 12, maybe it is time to be kinder to yourself, so you can truly be available to others needs.

New seeds of opportunity would mark the last week of April! Opportunities in taking risks, and trying something new - it can be in the areas of a new relationship, or finding a new community or group that can support one's greater vision or purpose.

As we are forging a new nine month cycle, open up to the opportunity to shift stagnation, create new initiatives, make a detailed plan (for the coming months) yet be real about what is possible to create and with whom.

This month requires an extra buffer around ones auric field (greater boundaries) to feel safe and protected (a partial solar eclipse this month will contribute to some of the chaos around).

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