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week 48 2023 - the power of healing

The 48 week of the year focuses on regaining power, addressing one's finances, paying attention to ones healing capacity and what needs to be healed, and making some powerful choices. It is the time to recharge and renew, and to stand for one’s beliefs convictions and ideas. If you have been procrastinating or avoiding to take initiative around money, finances and leadership, the time is up. This week brings issues around finances and planning. It provides some opportunities to take action that may bring you on the right track when it comes to your financial well-being.

Show up in Truth!

Harness your ‘executive mind’, take on your purpose seriously for once, and make some plans around your passion and desires in the coming months especially as we are entering this holiday season. Use the these times of commotion and chaos to fuel your spark again. It holds a great opportunity to support your own and others healing process. Healing has many forms

Extra movement and cardiovascular activities would be extremely beneficial this week – maybe it is time to get back into your yoga routine or renew that gym membership or finally schedule your yearly dental checkup. The point is this week is to create some extra energy, some renewed passion and fire.

Tip for the week 8 in numerology represents the pranic body - the body of life-force or energy. This is a favorable timing to gain extra life force by increasing movement and daily breath-work - if you don' have a daily practice or physical routine there is nothing like the present to start one (if you need support in forming a daily practice schedule a free meditation coaching).

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