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November internal/external dilemma ‡

In a year that is physical with physical consequences (climate prone disasters, wars, personal and international conflicts) there is a collective awakening that is needed. October was fueled by the collective debate, collective conflict with many disagreements. And even though divisions exist the consciousness of our human experience give us some hope of understanding and empathy. That energy is still in the background, though November brings a whole new perspective to our individual and collective experience.

The 11th month is under an 11 vibration. that frequency is challenging our spiritual compass and moral direction. 11 is a mastery number of high values and principles, and in its monthly position it is about overcoming self-doubt and duality - spiritually and emotionally, individually and in the realm of relating to others.

November provides a perspective of personal responsibility, and its relationship to the collective. The monthly numeric cycle demands a cooling off period from the public debate and the collective noise. Numerically this time around is under the watery energy of 7. 7 represents the intellect, the body of knowledge. On a physical level 7 is the auric field - the field of energy that protect us. It represents boundaries and how we hold our safe space. You may find more opportunities this month to speak your truth and say no more frequently then you have been in the past. The rhythm of 7 associate with music and the usage of sound and words to uplift ones soul. In this month these qualities translates into an internal journey. The tied is out, our inner oceans are quite, and it is time to re evaluate, and re-examine our own understanding and perception of life and its direction. take time alone and look within. You will find a message that was not available for you to hear in the past. It may be helpful to join other seekers and do a meditation workshop, or retreat. Or go to a live music event to uplift your soul. Happiness is an inside job, shifting our mind's focus to qualities of empathy, gratitude and joy will create an instant positive shift. This time cycle is favorable to unplug from the external and internal negative noise and plug into a different channel of wisdom and understanding. In the heart configuration there is an additional layer of information, in this month's numeric chart. 16 - the vibration of the ultimate kindness and forgiveness is apparent in this month's Numeric chart. This monthly cycle is about finding kindness for self as well as tapping into opportunities to become ‘a bigger person’, elevating oneself above the usual bickering and holding onto pettiness. Under the vibrations of 16th, the opportunity is to let go of past incompletions, grudges and resentments. All to create more acceptance toward self and others. To maintain that kindness and forgiveness vibration without being cynical or holding a grudge, we will have to be more aware of our meditative mind, be discerned and neutral in our thoughts, be more attentive to community, family and loved ones, while using the power of prayer to create protection and safe boundaries.

Tip for the Month On a physical level 7 is The Auric field it is the protective, energetic shield around our spiritual and physical bodies. A healthy aura is about 9 feet in diameter. The aura is the energetic 'business card' that one projects into the world. whatever we project we will be echoed back. for example positive projection will attract like minded people. Fearful projection (weak auric field) will attract unreliable people or circumstances. If you like, try the set of breath work I posted below to charge the auric field with positive energy! (if you need support in forming a daily practice schedule a free 20 min coaching conversation).

Here are some additional information on the technology I offer my clients to re connect to their purpose and power ('the greater why') - remove any sabotaging forces, and boosting the capacity to maintain positive and happy. Positive Intelligence 7 week foundation process (begins 11/18). Make a note for our upcoming 2024 yearly forecast 12/13!

Check out my Insta for some daily-ish inspiration. I offer life purpose coaching and a variety of consultations, Life Coaching, Numerology Readings, Tarot readings, Partnerships-compatibility readings.



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