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July - Spiritual And Financial Luck

July - time to move beyond past based fears! Create a plan around your finances - activate your 'executive mind'!

VALUES TO WATCH FOR THIS MONTH A month of the heart: The focus is inspiration, moving energy, overcoming fear, making choices, and managing finances in a better 'lucky' manner.

To cultivate luck avoid any impulsiveness this month; tighten your dietary habits, to real nutritional meals vs. snacking - infuse your spirit, and courage with play, humor and public expression. Money related issues will come up to the surface, power struggles in the areas of leadership, authority and control will play it's role. when we have an 8 vibration in a chart (weather monthly or daily) we are looking at 'prana" or life force as a drive. tThere are two areas to boost our life force this month, one is health and healing, and the other is finances. It is time to take risks and harness opportunities; Any health issues that have been neglected need to be treated and resolved. Use humor to overcome conflicts or power struggles (power is about being cool in the face of challenges).

Your leadership skills will come handy – get inspired to inspire others, smiling more will shift your reality. Acts of courage will have their rewards – breath deeply while stepping off your comfort zone! Team support in the areas of business and financial planning will be beneficial. Go ahead and embrace your deepest desires this month, recommit to connect and complete unfinished business in areas which really matters to you. Aligning passion with rightful action will bring in 'Luck'. The number 10 in the base of this month's chart - means fluctuations of high and lows, movement between depression and exhilaration. that kind of dynamics will benefited from having a plan in hand, a purpose (vs. reacting to mood fluctuations). Take extra care of your nervous system (soaking, resting, movement).

This '10' will create an "all or nothing" attitude with a deep desire to excel. That can create rigidity and apathy. Appreciate imperfections in July, bring a sense of opportunity and self expression to it. Breath-work will shift any temporary blocks caused by fear, laughter will create waves of positivity which will help you snap out of low motivation points (especially in the 2nd half of the month). Need more coaching or guidance - lets take a look at your cosmic and practical plan.

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