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May - Inner Harmony - Outer Conflict

Mighty May: In a year of conflicts and reconciliations where faith (and love) is the glue between disagreement and harmony. May provides an internal examination - "the tide is out" and we can see our own reactive mind and see more clearly our social and cultural order - a new understanding is emerging. In the heart configuration of May's Numeric chart the intellect is ruling our choices, and that analytical understanding demands internal space, it suggests more time alone (like we hadn't had enough) to sort what is truthful and important at this point in time. - As much as April was affected the collective, the group, the family - May is about the self - what each one of us desire to understand, to see at this point comes to light. All, to make clear choices and gain a desired power, to forge new ways of interacting and governing. The main questions we are confronted with at the moment are: What is really important (to you) right now? And how can we form new understanding and a strategy around these areas of interest? May is the month of "the seeker/philosopher" (the full moon is in Scorpio - going into the hidden side) - can at times seem oblique or dark. Humor; nurturing (good food) and entertaining - comedy - will shift darkness into a sense of excitement and positivity. and that constant work will bring the energy up - through movement, or music or chanting (repeating some good omens). The influencing “number” of May is under the vibration of 9 - it suggests in the area of self-discovery, a path of mastery and completion. Ask yourself: What tasks, projects can be completed, cleared, put aside right now? All - in order to form a fertile space for powerful choices in the areas of healing, money, and energy - what risks and innovative solutions can be explored at this point? Right now it is a great time to plan, re-focus, and create flexibility of structure to generate firm direction. Good time to do a workshop that will provide an inquiring space. Writing, planning, tinkering. Need more support in that department, we could start with a question, ( or set up a 30 minutes Numeric consultation (sliding scale). More on May on You Tube.

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