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JUNE'S Vibe - The Ability To Stand For What's Right

Spiritual Parachute

June’s Forecast: In a year of conflicts and reconciliation where faith is the glue between disagreements, where everything will be moved and resolved, through the power of relationships, collaborations, dialog and diplomacy (vs. creating divisions) are some of the tools to use. June is an abrupt awakening to the forces and imbalance of power. Acts of power will appear at times like struggles and conflicts or will be moved effortlessly by movement and the impact of truth. Life force under the vibration of 8, is a living energy - it affects health issues, choice making and money and finances.

Most of May was influenced by inner struggles, seeking an understanding of self and others. June is about external movement: the power of choice making, and who's calling the shots. We have common similarities yet each one of us brings a unique array of talents - which need to be expressed in the form of external power. The key is to use power wisely - power is about knowing it's always there for us, there is no need to ‘show off’, or butt heads to demonstrate it’s force - voicing disagreement without being attached to an outcome is real power, being calm in a midst of a storm is power, disagreement without the need to bring someone down, is power. In this energetic pool of ‘pranic June’ - we all are facing opportunities to overcome fear; mainly in the areas of risk taking. Prana or breath is the power to fuel healing - especially in matters of the heart, and therefore we may have to pause and take care of ourselves and others in order to gain some healing-closure. On a very practical level its the time to take care of long negligence of our own personal health - it maybe teeth, diet, or yearly check up - the time to take care of these matters is now! June is the six month of the yearly progressionL 6 is about home and protection - means feeling safe and protected in our own shell, or container. Harmony, diplomacy, agreements and sense of closure of the past will be gained, by observing what can be learned and used to move forward. Clear agreements will be helpful. The influencing “number” of this month is under the vibrations of 10 - it bring a focus to the areas of leadership, risk-taking and inspiration - good time to look for a vein of energy that inspire that motivate us. - Lets define what kind of vision can takes us into a grounded reality. 10 represent the ups and downs of spirit - either being alive and inspired or depressed and in denial. watch these ups and downs which will effect our nervous system. make sure you pause rest and move frequently enough to be centered and positive. More on June on You Tube. NEXT NOW - a great time to plan, re-focus, and create flexibility of structure to generate firm direction. Good time to move and breath on a daily basis - to defuse extra stuck energy. Need more support in that department, we could start with a question, ( or set up a 30 minutes Numeric consultation (sliding scale through August).

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