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September - “Connecting to your higher self”

September is under the vibration of 11 - it is the alchemy of all the vibrations of consciousness – its mastery of spirit which can transform any quality to excellence and manifestation. Eleven, in its negative pole can drive that alchemy into darkness, into extremes, such as fanaticism and zealousness; (in any area weather - politics, religion, or social movements) - the results there can be revolutionary.

Eleven is a higher octave of 2. In a ‘2’ year it will bring up past disagreements - reactiveness and mistrust. do not react to the past - see what is truthful for you at the present moment and communicate it, from a place of acknowledgement (vs. blame).

The acts of non judgment and harmony in midst of conflict may lead the way for greater results then you can envision. Being Positive, universal, spiritual, masterful, will provide dialog and connection.. Avoid any act of extremism, or reactiveness - all within a year of conflicts where faith is the glue between disagreements, where everything will be resolved through relationships, partnerships and collaborations, driven by dialog.

through September beware to be blinded by deception, and shadow - test what is true and real for you and the people around you - and speak your truth. September is about inspiration - cultivating the seed for self realization and its greater impact (goodness).

This month is a balancing act between inspiration and doubt, duality vs harmony. diplomacy may take a higher gear consider the rightful place of shadow and light. The potential for spirit inspiration) to take the lead is at stake this month. While doubt is present. a greater potential and infinite possibilities for creative input and motivation are active as well. Tighter connections between local communities will be advantageous, as separation occurs amongst national, global factions. - this is a new cycle of pioneering, starting a new path and initiative - this initiative will be carried through years end.

Since 11 has to do with connection and relationships - Committed relationships will benefit from clear written agreements and understandings.

The quality of 13 is in the base of this month’s chart - that bring the element of shadow and deception especially in the areas of information, news, and what comes out of peoples mouth. - make sure you stick to facts, don't make stuff up or be disillusioned by many who will try to portray a fantasy (especially when illusion and trickery is in the foundation of this month's chart). a beneficial practice to avoid illusion, is to create a structure and a plan with clear manageable steps or miles stones. When it comes to work, structure, strategy and clear agreements - a written understanding would be beneficial, extra communication will provide extra trust and harmony.

Meditation on a daily basis is a practice for dismantling the illusionary voice which play a part in our heads 24/7. Dhyāna in Hinduism means contemplation and meditation. It is one of the 8 principles of yoga - The various concepts of dhyana and its practice originated in ancient India, before the 6th century BCE (pre-Buddha), and the practice has been influential within the diverse traditions of eastern philosophies and religions. a self-directed awareness, a unifying process of self realization. You may want to join the practice of Soul-R Yoga every Wednesday and Sunday 4:30pm-5:30pm PST

Need more support? it's time to plan, and form a clear destiny.: Questions are welcomed: ( OR for more comprehensive support - set up a 30 minutes Numeric consultation (sliding scale through September).

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