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April - Intuitive mastery

April is about completing actions and thoughts that started to take form in July of 2022. Time to eliminate things that do not serve you anymore (mainly physical matters, projects associated with learning, teachers that you have no intention following through with their material, or a space that is no longer serves you and physically you find yourself challenged by its limitations). This type of a house clearing includes eliminating the clutter and hoarding tendencies of one’s life and physical environment will take shape and form in April. The process will continue through the third week of May. Some of our closest allies may leave our path as part of this completion cycle. Or suddenly a bunch of cups that you have collected for years will be disposed to clear the space for some new collectables.

Mastery is the other side of the completion cycle. Mastery of area of interest, area of expertise, focusing on less. Taking risks will fuel mastery and expertise, so take your chances this month. Keeping attention to details especially in the areas of travel, exploration and athletic or physical routine will be beneficial. Reactive behavior will be counter creative this month! Avoid any doubt when it comes to schooling choices and physical changes.

The base of this months numeric chart chart is about inspiration, cultivation of new ideals and goals, tapping to a deeper subtlety. This month will move through social activities and partnerships. Beware of frantic positions or opinions - try to see the other side of the story even when disagreement is what you experience. Intuition will take full swing this month - trust it and follow your gut, it will bring you luck.

Opportunities in 2023

My approach to Numerology readings is to bring a fresh, effective, practical approach to passion and action.

Check out my Insta for some daily-ish inspiration. I feel that a Numeric consultation based on ones birth chart is the quickest way for self awareness. It provides a blueprint of ones soul and it's potential. A chart can offer a plan, a framework for successful happy living.

I offer a variety of Readings, Numerology Readings, Tarot readings and Partnerships-compatibility readings. I offer specific workshops, events and trainings. Currently I offer a 7 week course of how to create and read a Numeric birth chart.



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