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APRIL'S PERSONALITY - the cost of fame

September 9 1971 is a unique chart! The repetition of the flavor of 9 four times in a numeric chart, indicates of someone who is highly intuitive (can see through anyone), one who regards the values of beauty, art and design, and have high standards in those fields. They had to learn how to overcome insecurities and judgements, in order to value their feminine powers and cherish them.

Jada Pinkett Smith is a perfectionist to a fault with self and everyone and everything around her. She can be reactive and manipulative at times, and can be graceful as a feather as well. Her chart indicates luck with power and money. Jada thinks universally and motherly – she would like to take care of everyone and create a better world for herself, her family, and the world by large. The perfectionist mind prevents her to complete tasks and projects at times and sometime prevents her from fully realizing her powers and dreams.

2022 is a critical year for Jada, when we are entering a yearly cycle under the vibration of 13, there is a need to have an extra awareness of the power in our speech, words, and thoughts. Our projections will gain extra life-force on an individual and collective levels. The conditioning of these times has the potential for the word to actualize itself. Conflicts will be avoided if she will be willing to be transparent and real about her intentions and expectations.

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