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December's Countdown to 0

We have entered the countdown to Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year - it is the perfect backdrop for the numeric frequency of December. We have enjoyed social exchange in November, partnerships and relationships, family, community, and the warmth of the home. December bring an internal wave - an intellectual mental and philosophical reconfiguration of the self.

What can we expect this month?

Time cycles in numerology are cyclical, and this December falls into an inward cycle. The cycle is under the vibration of 7. It is about re adjustments of the self. The external world of each one of us will be challenged, reconfigured and transformed.

This is a cycle for you to pause and look within, you may find some new knowledge about yourself that was not attainable before. New realizations can be at times scary, revealing, and also exciting. Self discovery requires courage and discipline. The tendency would be to blame others around us for our fragility or emotional fluctuating state (As well as for unfavorable circumstances). Try to be centered and grounded since this journey is all about our inner world. Keep a clear perspective, move through the motions and don't give in to doubt. Take time alone to assess and reflect. The biggest challenge this month would be for each one of us to set clear boundaries and to be able to let go of past attachments, and past grudges - especially around ones identity.

An internal cycle provides an opportunity to do some inner work with other-like-minded seekers.

A meditation retreat, or a workshop that will provide an inquiring environment would be a beneficial engagement as well as acts of writing/journaling, planning, and tinkering.

The heart configuration (our emotive intelligence center) permeates a significant vibration this month, under the number 16 which represents the ultimate “Kindness and forgiveness”. In its positive pole, 16 reflects the compassion and the ability to elevate oneself above the acts of bickering and holding onto self pettiness.

The shadow side of 16 can be translated into attachment and clinging - holding tight onto the past, with no respect for others boundaries, while holding a grudge or being vindictive.

So, watch for the tendency to be overly nostalgic or hold to past experiences and memories that are not relevant to this present moment.

The influencing number in December is 9. 9 is a mastery and completion vibration as well as the acts of subtleties in life. It suggests being extra detailed oriented, thriving on completion of past projects and goals. The shadow side of 9 may express itself as overly reactive and at times, sloppy and rude. In 'internal December' - the acts of completion will provide you self appreciation and confidence - go complete something!

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