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February 2021 - change and adventure

  • The rhythm of adventure and physical change with a touch being over analytical. Areas of boundaries will benefit from a clear NO, and taking more of a spiritual approach to change of pace. Would be wise to take extra care of the physical environment and physical body!

  • The vibration of a Five cycle is about change and adventure, events will move fast this Month, changes can happen unexpectedly in the areas of career, jobs and may even be in location - communication will play a role in that change - so be mindful about words – Be extra flexible (rigidity will affect your physical body and your health) – endurance will be needed (in midst of restlessness). Avoid impulsive behavior and weigh the pros and cons before making any rushed decisions. February is a time of adventure and movement, with its ups and downs; it will provide us with a new out look on opportunity. Expansion will occur when you will achieve a body mind connection and when your physical world and your mental understanding (including your belief system) will be in sync. This is a time of new discoveries. (more on Numerology 3/25)

  • The 2nd month adds that element of self doubt, trust and cooperation to the experience. Looking for fulfillment outside of ourselves will end with disappointment. Issues and lessons of cooperation and trust will be part of our adventure in February. (over trusting or over giving away their power). A relationship with a teacher, a coach will create a positive influence to gain trust.

  • This months adventure will test our sense of boundaries and will bring some hidden wisdom from the past in order to empower the currant experience - Give yourself time alone and time to learn something new. The challenge will be in maintaining a positive outlook, ups and downs will be part that adventure - music and singing (chanting) will be the remade to support and create a positive mind set in the midst of change. Need more input on this year's progression and what to expect (recorded forecast): Forecast, Destiny, Applications



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