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January- the Opening Act

January 2023 is about the Home, family, community and team-work. More specifically: the essence of home as a safe and nourishing place; reconfiguring one's physical living situation; understanding what kind of physical boundaries suits you, and upgrading levels of comfort and safety especially within the physical conditions, and physical circumstances.

This month provides healing and business opportunities. The key may be to be a bit more discerning when it comes to the areas of power and money, listen to your truth when it comes to others position or opinion (don't blame yourself for others judgments). Have a plan at hand, plus a structure, when it comes to collaborations, partnerships and team-work. Make sure that agreements and contracts are clear and complete - this cycle is an opportunity to settle legal issues and bring them into a closure (especially matters of land disputes). Physical routine will serve your intuitive mind and healing process – The power of prayer will be beneficial. Boost your immune system, on a physical level.

Take up a notch your meditation practice it will defuse some reactive behavior, and provide the real power of insight, and support to make bold choices within the first month of 2023! A year that is ruled by taking chances and embracing adventure.

To learn more

'Your Soul Code 2023' - Forecast, Destiny, and Applications - 90 minutes of forecast, projected destiny, Trends and applications for the upcoming year with a month by month progression! Buy Recording Here

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