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July's Closure - Yin Yang!

The last two weeks of the month are a yin yang combo. The good news is that both are within a new moon, which makes challenges softer and initiatives more favorable. The first part of this period is about contemplation and growth, focusing on our inner space and inner knowing - in a month of so much mental chatter the challenge for us in the coming days is to have the awareness to carve some quite time to contemplate, in order to pivot and take on the right action!

The last week of July brings a bit of a yang energy. It will provide extra support in the process of healing, finances and gaining some power. When we are entering this mini power cycle it may be used for extra physical activity or to charge our physical/mental battery. In a month that is a bit of a wild ride of outdoor activity, music venues, heat waves and some heated debates – we may want to create a timetable and a structure for our activities, so we can maintain a steady flow of energy.

As an extra packed times with social engagements, we may want to limit our impulsiveness to the rule of ‘less is more’, quality vs. quantity. It will save us headaches and money. Be selective in your engagements, crowds can suck plenty of energy. This week is an energetic business cycle. Go ahead and make some bold choices, avoidance and delays may cost us more (literally) in the long run. True to the process of healing – if you have avoided the dentist (or the acupuncture) for months get into action and take care of yourself. In many ways August may be a bit kinder experience, more contained or structured. Tip #1 – Take your meditative time seriously! The next few days provide an opportunity to join other seekers and find a quite space to re-evaluate, assess and get clear about life.

Tip #2 - Take extra care of your physical body!

Conserve your energy! Need some healing hands? This is a good time to get that overdue bodywork. Whatever you need to provide yourself to feel more charged energetically – the time is now!

Tip #3 - Money and business choices!

Good cycle to get into action in the areas of finances and business. Within these last few days in July, make some bold decisions to forward your actions around career and money – invest in your efforts!

How to limit your self-sabotaging forces?

We are experiencing times of reactiveness, and challenge, some of our self-sabotaging forces are super active. If you want to learn more about your saboteurs - use this Free saboteur assessment! And To learn more on how to intercept these forces, please join us for a Free Webinar on positive intelligence - 8/05 11am-12pm - over Zoom!

Learn more here about our upcoming Positive Intelligence 7 week foundation process.



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