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May - slow down and focus

May is under the vibrations of 5 - 'the physical body', the physical experience.

A physical range of understanding, awareness and experience, are all bunched up in May.

Communication-focused - this month will require strong physical presence that supports the ability to speak up, to teach, and guid using the spoken word.

Karmically there are opposing points between the month's vibration and the year's frequency - they are both under the number five. Lessons, about responsibility accountability and consistency will occur this time around. 5’s love of change will create a sense of being jack-of-all-trades yet a master of non. And to create a powerful sense of accomplishment and leadership - one will have to bring stability and consistency. Without it some of us will feel like the rug has been pulled under their feet. We may feel confined or restricted by others - underneath it all there is a desire for a greater sense of freedom.

This month brings empowerment to take on greater tasks and goals. It bring a flavor of nurturing and creative time; Rebelling against authority figures (mainly male in nature), may come to play on the main stage - New seeds of opportunity would mark the last week of the month! As we are starting a new 9 month cycle under the numeric flow.

Open up to the opportunity to shift stagnation, create new initiatives, Yet be real about what is possible to create and with whom. Clean up your eating habits, worry may get us to consume extra sweets and fried food. Make sure you nurture yourself first as well as give yourself more 'me' creative time, before taking on others ‘baggage’ (opportunists will be on the rise) or servicing others beyond your capacity and availability.

The key to stability this month is, avoiding any conflicts and thriving to agree even when disagreement is looming in the background - push for harmony and camaraderie with others this month, it will empower you.

Opportunities in 2023

Numerology is a coaching tool - finding one's True North.

Check out my Insta for some daily-ish inspiration. I feel that a Numeric consultation based on ones birth chart is the quickest way for self acceptance and self actualization. It provides a blueprint of one's soul and it's greater potential.

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If you want to advance your understanding of numerology - I offer a 7 week course of how to create and read a Numeric birth chart.



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