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October - The Higher self in the flesh

October is about change - but not your kind of mundane change. It is about spiritual change which will effect our emotional and physical understanding. the tenth month brings some reactiveness and rebellious behavior (at times against self and others) beware of self sabotaging and unreal expectations.

This month runs through a higher frequency, or the vibration - of the number 32. It vibrates the ultimate compassion and wisdom, a higher consciousness. It suggests us to walk our talk, acts on our passions and desires and change our habits accordingly to our true selves. That 32 contains a double 16 frequency. The Double 16 signifies the ultimate compassion, (16 = “kindness and forgiveness”) and the ability to communicate and listen (5) from a place of understanding, kindness and mastery (vs. the negative side of communicating from the limited side of attachment snd clinging to past ideas and experiences). This vibration allows us to give more than our imagined ability and capacity; it suggests being guided by one's higher self, or the teachings of higher beings where the journey (the experience) and its wisdom will be one and the same. On the negative side it can be guided by falsehood, or extreme ideas and ideals. 32 will demand some acts of sacrifice.

In the base of October's Numeric chart, the significant number 16 repeat itself. 16 ‘holds’ the qualities of “Kindness and forgiveness” the act compassion and the ability to elevate oneself above bickering and self pettiness. It will activate the archetype of the natural helper in you. It is a higher octave of 7 - the ability to rise above the circumstantial reality and look within. In order to hold that vibration in a positive pole, one will have to take time alone this month or join some fellow seekers to contemplate and meditate. Be structured and methodical regarding your inner world it will make the difference between neutrality and chaos.

Keep your boundaries clear and say yes this month when you really mean it. The shadow side of 16 can be translated into attachment and clinging. At times, lacking the capacity to forgive. The act of forgiveness itself will balance the qualities of 16 into a positive pole.

Make more effort to accommodate others in October - put some higher attentions into your own initiatives and creations.

In The heart configuration of this month's Numeric chart there will be some challenges. These challenges will be related to our sense of freedom, and physical wellbeing. Some of us will struggle with a perpetual inner noise or inner pondering. That chatter may manifest in harsh, reactive communication, physical negligence, or feeling rushed all the times. At times especially when it comes to making choices we may feel this October being handicapped or dealing with a sense of being bound or trapped. The greater lesson will be in gaining an experience a

nd understanding of freedom as an inner understanding, an ‘inside job’. All to gain the ability in committing to what we truly desire. Inner work when it comes to desires, choices or relationships by large will be transformative.


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