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Reflective June - new beginnings!

The 6th Month of the year – 3rd eye, intuition, unseen reality, completion, prepping for the new to come!

This month continues the closure process, which started in May. It means few more weeks of airing the old, letting go of past attachment. It means rearranging our physical and emotional worlds, which translate itself to people and matter in our lives. Maintaining self-esteem may be challenging – so regardless of what other think, avoid seeking outside approval – stay positive and clear your mind more frequently (low self-esteem will deplete the immune system).

You may find yourself crossing paths with people that will ask for support and nourishment more than the usual (family and friend in particular). June is about close relationships or the transformation in those close or intimate proximity. focus on nurturing yourself first before you attend to other’s requests and needs. Being truthful within yourself will provide the capacity to provide more to the collective this month. The desire to be helpful and creative at the same time may feel conflicting in June. Your community or group may change, or its dynamics may shift. In our last push within our growth and evolution process we may find ourselves a bit awkward or inadequate with our family and friends – or our tribe members. The outcome may bring the need to be on the outlook for a new tribe, a new sense of camaraderie. Boundaries and discernment with others will be beneficials

The base of this month’s Numeric Chart is under the qualities of perfectionism, an ‘all or nothing’ mind-set with a drive to inspire and be inspired. Focus on the experience you desire, vs. perfectionism, the process vs. ‘all or nothing’ mentality. Supporting dialogue vs. conclusive approach will provide harmony even amid disagreements.

New seeds of opportunity, forming a new vision will mark the last week of June! Completion of a nine-month process have come to a closure. You may feel emboldened and encouraged to take risks, a new leap of faith some of it with totally new people. Great timing to begin a new journey, in a form of a creative project, or relationships. For those of us in a service or leadership roles, an opportunity to move beyond the mundane to the extraordinary.

Need to form a plan?

Let's look at your numeric chart - Creating your own unfoldment in the coming year!

Questions about the process of a numeric reading are more then welcome -



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