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2018 - The Universal Soul - Part I

Simplicity and getting back to basics is upon us. The transition from 2017 to 2018 – is one of power and at times unexplainable luck to a point of completion, into the process of clearing out obstacles and letting go of unnecessary baggage. From one pointedness to collectiveness, from physical change to mental change. From the hidden to the exposed. Dissatisfactions of social and economic conditions in 2016 have created a chain-reaction in 2017, questioning the truthfulness of our current values and systems of governing and media. As we entering 2018 we find ourselves at the crossroads of redefining our relationship to spirit/passion and its expressions in our physical universe. The reality of constant shifting sands is the new norm especially in the upcoming process of clearing, removing blockages and letting go of unnecessary matter, and un evolved relationships. With our new found agreements and values, new dynamics will be applied to economics, to social compassion and acts of collaboration. All to recreate the very makeup of our moral/philosophical fiber, our collective human consciousness. Within this refined reality, a sense of truth, love and forgiveness is the only reality we can hold on to in the ever conflicting dynamics of illusion. 2017 brought a cycle of opportunity, self-healing and overcoming old fears, (in economic terms a very different experience then 2008). This time around it is the final wave of merging into the collective human condition; carrying for the whole. This coming year will intensify the reactive fire element in its various expressions. This is a test for our collective living Soul (demonstrated through the significant number of 18 = humanity). This year’s experience will bring the need to practice a balance between heart and mind, passion and reason. 2018 represents a cycle of taking life more to heart, less mind, providing the rise of a new life force. The subtle body and the interconnectedness of all souls past and present will bring force the power of truth and the opportunity to change. These experiences will force many of us to come together for the shared values of integrity and the overall possibility of livelihood on earth.It will be wise to connect to an energetic spiritual practice which will provide a balance between heart and mind. This is Part I (of 3 parts – 2018: collective change) In Part II we will look at - the meaning of a completion cycle the longest time cycle, as we are completing a transition of nine years which have started at 2009. May we all experience a smooth transition of growth, clear change and of deep love to all beings.

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