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2018 - The Universal Soul - Part II

By Looking at the context of the last three years through the numeric lens - we can frame 2016 as a destruction of the old (questioning old agreements); 2017 desiring to bring in the new, to expose the hidden, eradicate any distorted power and social status. 2018 comes in with the emotional wisdom of the heart, unleashing the human soul to speak for itself, letting its voice rise, and while still forces of power are at their (destructive) work, creating a new voice of reason (especially in the form of feminine power). The main Time cycle of 2018 is under the numeric imprint of 9: It is a completion cycle (completing a 9-year process). 9 represents Subtleties and Mastery. a Path of nine can take on many forms. It can bring personal insight and philosophy. It a can promote ones who masters their ability to be centered, aware and grateful, or more colorful expression of someone who mastered seven painting and sculpting techniques or acquiring the knowledge of 7 new languages. The key this year is to honor ones true desires and passions (complete unfinished business). The interconnectedness of all souls past and present, will teach us lessons of completion and understanding. It will force many of us to come together for our shared values, and renewed integrity. This is the longest time cycle (within numeric terms), which lasts a year and three quarter. It is a graduation point. Whatever is not matching this stage in our lives will fall into the side line, in the form of relationships, and matter. This period can be experienced at times, as restless (emotional). Endurance and patience will be needed. it is an opportunity to let go of any attachments that were an obstacle in our journey. It is a good time to give something back to our communities. 9 is the fire element as well! (which we have experienced in 017) Being fiery will need to be contained. Avoid any unthoughtful language or reactive behavior. On the global scene it will provide an opportunity for diplomacy. Women's power and leadership, will rise to the top this year. It will create many ripple effects in subtle and reactive forms. Art and artistic excellence will be highlighted as well. Part III of our forecast will include the spiritual component of 2018, the influencing element under #11, which is - connecting deeper into which that inspires us to excel. May we all cherish change and embrace truthful expression in the coming months.

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