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August 019 - Are You Ready For...?

Leo's personality

(which is part of August's first 3 weeks ) can be fun at times - eccentric, selfish or generous - its a choice, that entity cares more about their lavish style and their creative expression then substance. This time around they will need to muster more wisdom and practicality to attract an audience. watch your own Leo qualities this month.

On the Numeric front this months imprint, is one of mastery and completion. August take us through the final step of completing a journey which started in 2009 - (if we think of what ended in 2008, 2009 provided us with new opportunities - our economic system stayed in tact and we have come a long way to maintain our way of living and values and maybe adjust them accordingly (the same topic is being challenged at the moment).

In the process of completion, try to have fun in finishing up open ended projects and agreements. Numbers provide a direction, an imprint and this month’s direction associated with mastery, with providing harmony between subtlety and reactiveness, between logic and passion. 9 represents the subtle body It has a unique energy in noticing the subtleties of life. It represents the qualities of feminine intuition with psychic abilities, adapting to read between the lines, with a softer approach to life. The last week in August is about the opportunity of a new start, a fresh beginning and it marks the beginning of another 9 year cycle. The past still shadow our future, yet it is a shadow! The base of this month Numeric chartbrings a wave of spiritual quest - and amplifies the desire to find inspiration and direction - It is the number 11 which is about our ultimate purpose! It’s a higher octave of 2, divine will. When 11 connects to the heart the universe will follow its desire. No judgments (duality) please, spirit and dharma, need to lead at this point. The negative energy of 11 could be of divisiveness and an ongoing sense of conflicts. Stay centered in your heart; avoid any arguments. The heart configuration (there is such a position for the month) shows the humanistic quality we all share - life itself, as it portrait itself through the number 18 - our collective spirit, with the desire to help, connect and create opportunities for everyone; Help is here, connection is here - are you willing to let go and make peace with the past? As well as setting free relationships that do not support your true self?

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