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'2022' - a resolution kind of year

In a year of big/greater vision and sense of group synchronicity - we are called to re invent ourselves; what is your greater vision for the coming year? what kind of flexibility would you like to create for yourself? Wether career or professional sense of self do you imagine for yourself?

1st - draw your big picture - what is it's look and feel - then get specific. "The Code 2022" may provide you with a structure for a vision you would like to create for yourself -

Below are some tips for creating a framework for the new to come:

  • Defining specific goals that can be measured and managed;

  • Setting out a plan to make these goals achievable within a certain time frame, like by when would you like to achieve these goals?

  • Detailing the steps needed to reach your goals; breaking them down to measurable steps!

  • Finding a way to keep you accountable, whether that means setting reminders, or asking someone you trust for help (like a Coach). This also includes managing your time, and learning to say no to distractions, and requests that are not aligned with your goals!

2022 is divine in its energy - it hold your supreme desires as a possibility - yet you have to create a plan and a direction around it!

Need help forging a plan drop me a line at



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