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Be At The Right Place, At The Right Time With The Right People! Major Savings Through 11/22

3 month Immersion! Numerology Certificate Program.

The journey for a successful destiny With Akiva Starts 11/23!

Iincluding Applications (knowledge and practice) to:

Personality/Character; Career/Purpose; Wealth/Abundance; Relationships and Partnerships, Timing and Opportunity.

11 modules, providing practical applications in the following areas (and more): 1. Numbers and their frequencies. 2. "The numeric chart" and its multi-layered meanings. 3. Coaching with the unseen knowledge of numbers - methods and applications. 4. Significant numbers - the spiritual blueprint within a chart. 5. Solution oriented principles (turning challenge into opportunity) - Transformer numbers. 6. Time cycles and their progression (how to configure your Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily - Numeric progression) 7. How to conduct a Numeric consultation. $400 discount, if paid in full by 11/15 ($1275) After that $1375. Payment-plan, is available! SCHEDULE: 12 weeks. Thursdays: First initial class is on a Monday 11/23 after that every Thursday. (if a Class falls on a holiday we will skip a week) 6:15pm-7:15pm over zoom platform. MORE Information and Content! Questions and inquiries are welcome: -



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