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By now we definitely need a plan!

September holds spiritual lessons for us all, its under a vibration that holds high teachings and understandings. The number 32 in numerology is a significant number, means it is unique in its energy, and influence. That special channel contains kindness, forgiveness, and healing. 32 is the ultimate compassion and wisdom.

It contains an ability to communicate and teach (5) from a place of empathy, kindness and mastery (the negative side is communicating from the limited source of attachment to past ideas and values). This vibration allow us to give more than our imagined ability and capacity; it suggests being guided by higher consciousness of a higher being or the presence of spiritual teachers and wise souls, where the journey (the experience) and its wisdom are one and the same. On the negative side it can be guided by falsehood, or extreme ideals. 32 will demand some greater sacrifice to activate its potential. What sacrifice looks like if any? Maybe the time is here to look at the privilege of being of service and allowing a higher form of healing to touch our heart.

In the Tarot the 32nd card may reveal itself as the ten of wands - after co creating our reality through the major arcana the next ten cards are in the realm of inspiration and the creative spark, before it manifest itself in a form of passion and feelings. Ten of wands is about accomplishing that state of discovery, finding ones purpose and inspiration. It is at times a lonely path of discovery, overcoming doubts, and obstacles and finally finding victory. September holds that potential.

The 32 vibration is influenced by the need to contemplate, to take time alone in order to have the right conditions for discovery. Our sense of boundaries will be challenged this month, an opportunity to practice ones assertiveness.

These are times of subtleties - the opposite of subtleties is reactiveness, so please take a deep breath before you have an urge to reacts and say something that you will regret later.

32 is the revers of 23 (2023) both are under the vibration of the 5th element, the physical experience. So this month take extra care of your physical body and physical environment. Wether its nourishing the body more intently or clearing clutter in your home. That extra effort will make a huge difference for you. The difference between feeling confined or feeling a sense of freedom.

In matter of the heart, this month would bring sensuality, physical deception, some form of hedonism, and extra reactive behavior (sudden change of plans). The heart configuration in numerology is about our true passions, desires and aspirations. September will cloud these passions with a constant chase after pleasure or the pursuit of some momentary physical relief of pain (sex, drugs, the next party, etc.) Without a clear headed plan, and some constrain of the desire to react, chaos will be the expression in the areas of social interaction, travel and driving, movement, feeling stuck at times, or pursuing a replaceable relationship without any goal of creating real intimacy. So better have a plan at hand!

maybe its the right time for you to look at your 2024 numeric chart and its opportunities through the upcoming months.

Tip #1 – Feel reactive! Pause!

Any time you feel anger and enraged, especially in relationship, breath deeply, take a pause before responding to your partner (partners), create a few moments of buffer - it will be a life saver!

Tip #2 - Take the time to know the people around you!

The 5th element is about change and moving rapidly from one person to another, or from one interest to another, without taking the opportunity to go deeper in our pursuit of our values. Watch that tendency this month!

(Need support and accountability in the area - schedule a free exploration session)

Tip #3 - Kindness and forgiveness will set us free!

This time cycle holds double dose of the room to let go and forgive self and others for past conflicts, unfair circumstances or past disappointments - do yourself a favor - let go of past grudges!

Here are some more information about Life Purpose Coaching, and more on some of the technology I use to bring my clients to re connect to their original spiritual blueprint - Positive Intelligence 7 week foundation process.

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