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Choices 52 - Finding your Spark!

The last week of 2021 - a year that is/was impulsive, rebellious (at time against self as well) and energetic when it comes to health and healing (it provided a bounce back from the futility of 2020) - if you have not figured out by now the pros and cons of your priorities and purpose, I urge you to do so. 2022 is about having a plan.

The Last week of the year is marked by that desire to find clear direction and purpose. Starting to tap into the emotive reasons of who we are and why we are here. Fear and phobia may be still around, but the desire to move beyond conflict, doubt and the constant flow of unreal expectations is strong. This closure is about identifying a one pointedness that will drive one's actions and choices in the coming weeks and months.

2021 was caught in a social noise, mainly produced by the desires to be noticed and expressed. 2022 is more calculated and balanced (though it is caught in the constant movement between order and chaos, connection and division).

offers an opportunity to declare completion and tap into an activity which is purposeful and potent. The challenge are other voices and influences around us - if you are alone (or feel alone) take it as a blessing in disguise, an opportunity to tap into an understanding of yourself and your purpose. This week we may find that spark which will fuel the rest of the year.

The key in finding what is true for you is first eliminating what is not. Sifting through the debris of hopes and expectations which where held closely to our heart would be the first step in letting go of illusion and be clear that where we are at is the right moment in taking the path we have been avoiding most of our lives. Celebrate that moment of truth and wonder - and translate those feelings to at least three actions you can take in the coming week around the inspiring vision of yourself.

If you need more input and clarity - you can schedule a reading to look at your own personal year and its chart ; you could book a coaching package (discounted through 1/22/22), or you can simply get the 2022 recorded forecast, and tap into a 'plan' with a month by month progression.

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