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Finding Home - November's Prediction

NOVEMBER is about family dynamics, community wellbeing and the potential of forming new partnerships. The home is a major theme this month as well as comfort and security in one's dwellings (or the lack of it). October was an extremely challenging month, with mental and physical constrains and their consequences. November holds kinder vibration, and provides different dynamics.

The rhythm of the month itself, is under the 11th vibration. 11 is a mastery number, the alchemy of all the numeric frequencies combined. It signifies mastery of spirit which can transform any quality or challenge! It is a higher octave of 2, pure divine will. When an 11 decides to follow their heart the universe shell follow and align itself accordingly.

What can we expect this month?

November this year is activated

under the frequency of '6'. This frequency is under the significant number of 33, which is about collective transformation and spiritual change. Mainly, in understanding the collective on a deeper, more intimate level. You will be presented with opportunities to tend and help others, providing nourishment and comfort. That capacity will be supported by diverse set of tools, giving us the ability to handle more than you can imagine, especially in the areas of security and home.

the 6 frequency is the arc Line, the 3rd eye point, the seat of intuition. “The 6 sense” will be more active this month. It is a protective field of heightened awareness, which gives a person the ability to adapt and act accordingly in many situations. 6 represent the immune system, the body's ability to fight disease. So as we entering winter season, make sure you boost your immune power. This time cycle will bring up the needs of the group, the team - an opportunity to resolve greater and bigger problems on global and collective scale.

A 6 cycle under 33 is about a greater hope for many, (though within the current year it fueled many conflicts and quarrels). The power of sacred words will be very beneficial in November, using its force in the service of others. The mystic notion of helping others, especially in the areas of nourishment, positivity and fairness will play a major role this month.

In the heart configuration this month (you may want to get your destiny chart for 2023), our emotional center will provide extra wisdom to make greater choices. Under the vibration of 6 we will be very eager to connect and collaborate with others. This cycle will provide new connections, partnerships and collaborations, as well as the possibility of getting closer and more intimate to our loved ones.

The influencing number of November is 8. It suggests being methodical and rational when it comes to areas of money, energy and power. It also provide extra synchronicity and luck in those areas. Hidden opportunity is available to us this month. Power-struggles may rise around domestic agreements, and legal disputes (if you have unresolved agreements - this is the time to bring them to closure). Make sure you give yourself down time to rest and meditate in the midst of social blunder and its demands (extra neediness).

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