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June - Self and the group

June - reflects the year’s time cycle under of 6 ; issues of the individual and the collective in areas of honesty, fairness and healthy relationship to what is just and right. So watch your own integrity and honesty when it comes to others relationships. This is a social and creative month – parties, gatherings are on the rise. Discernment will be a must! Especially when it comes to family and friends. This month brings a greater sense of the collective and where you stand in it as an individual.

Creativity this month will be reflected through group activities such as, dinner parties, entertainment, street gatherings and art shows. you will find yourself at the center of attention at times.

Food and socializing will be a dominant theme.

The significant number 12 will effect some of your social and family dynamics. 12 is the archetype of the helper, the care-taker - so when few of your friends and family member will show up on your door steps for help, make sure you have the room to take on others issues and needs. Clear boundaries, and being a bit picky when it comes to social engagement will save you time and many headaches!

Physical and mental confinement will be on the rise in June - challenging areas of movement and travel, creating at times challenging conditions for commitments and long term planning. Need more insight? Book your session Here!


Time to commit to your creative expression, or your creative calling, it will benefit you in the coming month/years. Avoid drama and impulsiveness - transfer that into play and good food. On the romantic side - it may result in starting a family or creating some opportunities for physical exploration; go beyond physical attraction and the impulsive use of substances, try finding freedom by setting clear boundaries!

Daily practice of movement, breath-work and extra flexibility will diffuse mental challenges and over thinking.

Tarot Card of the month is The Hierophant: 

It is the guide towards hidden knowledge that was not available before. The discovery of insight in the form of understanding, new teachings or discovering a mentor (teacher, coach, therapist) will show up in your life this month. The quality of divine wisdom and its effect on the physical world.

Need support in finding purpose and clarity?

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