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March: The commodity of vitality!

Vitality and health are priceless commodities - in so many cultures the first thing people wish for one another is good health, they make a toast 'to your health'. When we fall of the vitality wagon money can help our supported wellbeing, yet it can't substitute our stamina, inspiration, and mental focus. This month focuses on healing, finances, and power dynamics! March on the physical level brings an awakening of the pranic body (life force) the force that is vital to everything we do - and that is why in the numeric tradition the number 8 represents both, health/vitality and money/power.

Inner conflicts and doubts are present at the moment. Any conflict, mental or physical can challenge our power. The remedy for any conflict this year is to move our physical bodies (breathe, shake it up, create circulation). When we feel physically alive, we can rise up to any challenge with confidence and focus, taking on the opportunity to navigate into a new role and capacity that was not there before.

Money related issues will come up to the surface (opportunities as well), especially when it comes to supporting our physical circumstances (space and physical health). This month you may be presented with some opportunities to overcome fear and claim your power. Avoid any conflicts, any power struggles. Power is about knowing yourself. We had the whole month of February to learn a few things about ourselves, our boundaries, and understandings. We have changed, and that may affect our work and family environments.

Collaborations, team work, and the acts of exchange will provide some business opportunities; especially in the areas of bodywork, yoga, travel, commerce and teaching/instructing. Like with any opportunity the challenge will be to overcome fear. Take a chance and get into action.

Opportunities in 2023 My approach to Numerology readings is to bring a fresh, effective, practical approach to coaching, by providing relatable, easy to comprehend opportunities that anyone can implement into their lives.

Check out my Insta for some daily-ish inspiration. I feel that a Numeric consultation based on ones birth chart is the quickest way for self awareness. It provides a blueprint of ones soul and it's potential. A chart can offer a plan, a framework for successful happy living.

I offer a variety of Readings, Numerology Readings, Tarot readings and Partnerships-compatibility readings. I offer specific workshops, events and trainings. Currently I offer a 7 week course of how to create and read a Numeric birth chart.



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