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New Moon In Taurus - Loving yourself fully with all your flaws

New Moon in Taurus - Friday, May 19. It is the time for the new to take root and grow!

May is a very demanding month, in the areas of performance and achievement. Our over achiever is demanding relentlessly - "do more', 'get better', 'get ahead', while our soul is seeking time off, taking a pose, getting nourished, and reevaluate our life's big picture.

This new moon requires a 'home cooking mentality'. Comfort, nourishment and paying attention to standing still. The goal during this time is to nurture ease, security and the release of tension. It feels a bit challenging to all of us, to find that balance between growth and pause. the number 5, the element of the earth can help us attend to our physical environment and wellbeing.

The last week of May within that new moon will bring a surge of energy and drive that was not present before. within the yearly time cycle it signifies a new beginning that will effect the following nine months. Seek comfort and grounding, work with the earth and the sun elements, good food and inspired energy, to step into what seems like a challenging growth period. Think about: What is the thing in your work or life where much deeper understanding/exploration of the issue would have the biggest possible impact?

Opportunity on the coaching front for spiritual entrepreneurs if you are ready to boost your mental fitness and effectiveness check out PQ Coaching - 6 week foundation - boosting your Positive IQ - limiting your saboteurs, boosting your leadership and self manifestation. Ready to harness your purpose? Than Soul Branding is for you!

I offer a variety of Readings, Numerology Readings, Tarot readings and Partnerships-compatibility readings. I offer specific workshops, events and trainings. Currently I offer a 7 week course of how to create and read a Numeric birth chart.

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