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November 2021 - Making Fantasy a reality

November - Expecting the Unexpected

October had cultivated illusion and some (self) deception. We hoped for better circumstances, whether in relationships, career direction or better living conditions. These hopes are being tested this month.

November is a special month this year - for us who are more in-tune with others' needs, we will be granted a greater capacity for helping and listening to many. Some of us who hold the 32 quality (in one's numeric chart) will be able to tap into a greater energetic capacity than usual.

What can we expect this month?

32 represents a time cycle of higher wisdom or consciousness, with an opportunity to apply it to the collective, the group. Possibly teaching while moving from one location to another - inspiring and helping others. Flexibility and endurance will be needed. We will be called to go beyond our comfort zone (expectation zone) in November, and tap into uncharted territories and experiences. Underneath that 32 cycle we have a cycle of 5 or 'change', which will be experienced as an adventure. One will need to be alert and aware, expecting the unexpected when it comes to travel, movement and physical limitations. Change and uncertainty is in the air, events will move quickly – so, be limber and adjustable to sudden shifts (rigidity can affect ones physical and mental health). Pivot quickly when necessary.

Change provides the traits of growth and expansion. Germination of new solutions will occur especially under the willingness to let go of past attachments (people and matter). When one achieves a body mind connection true harmony will occur.

In the heart configuration of November, the way our emotional wisdom makes choices, we will be more volatile and reactive - mental distortion, based in unreal illusionary side of ourselves may mushroom to some physical consequences (pause before you have to speak or act) - the yearning to a physical altered state may come with a price. We are all have our addictions (social media, substances: drugs, alcohol; sex; over/under eating...) and they will get slightly out of control, especially in days where the negative expressions of our personality and character is challenged. Slow down, create more space for yourself, especially when traveling, or operating technical machinery (like driving).

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