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October - Social Transformation

October provide new qualities which will effect the collective!

Energetically it is more expansive and generous, stable and grounded.

Under the auspicious number of 33 October provides an ability to take care of more items on our list, matter and souls than you can imagine.

It funnel the change we are going through, the risks and creative initiatives into engaging process that involves many.

Foe example nourishing many will seem like a daunting task yet the spiritual force of 33 will give us more ability to drive a positive change. The awareness required at this time is to be real and efficient. Diffuse high expectation by tempering the blown out of reality optimism.

The team, the family, the community – will be transformed. boost your immune system - use your intuition in matters of the heart. Take good care of yourself before you help many. Make productive well thought choices (vs. avoiding them).

The number 17 is in the base of this month’s chart (financial and spiritual luck) take advantage of it by being extra creative and less impulsive – weigh your choices and take your chances this month.

Tip for this Month

Nourishment and food in a communal context will be a major theme this month.

it is an opportunity to make every collective meal an event, a social exchange of ideas and insights and a creative opportunity to tap into a deeper change. Make it count.

(Need support and accountability in the area of change - schedule a free exploration session)

Here are some more information about Life Purpose Coaching, and more on some of the technology I use to bring my clients to re connect to their original spiritual blueprint - Positive Intelligence 7 week foundation process.

Check out my Insta for some daily-ish inspiration. I offer life purpose coaching and a variety of consultations, Life Coaching, Numerology Readings, Tarot readings, Partnerships-compatibility readings. Harmonyum Healing - removing bad luck - connecting to your original blue print



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