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⭐ Strawberry full moon - Soul Connection 👍

The upcoming full strawberry moon on June 21 is more special than usual—here’s why

The energy surrounding a full moon is particularly intense and the upcoming full moon on June 21 brings intrigue and awakens hidden desires. 

The full strawberry moon in Capricorn encourages introspection and a focus on our purpose and relationships. If you’re reassessing your life and connections, examining any stagnant areas or pain points, expect to feel inspired to take responsibility and address these issues at a deeper level. 

The opportunity and advantage of June 21st is in the area of the spirit - an opportunity to connect to yourself and others on a soul level. relationships that have been through a period of stagnation, may be awakened into excitement and primordial desire.  The challenges of the day within the constrains of the month of June are in the perception of freedom. Many of us will seek a sense of freedom by pursuing animalistic instinctual and obsessive behavior, and that may sabotage the potential of new awakening. 

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Tip for the Day

Longer meditation practice through this week of solstice, will provide more space and create abundance and healing. Try to take breaks from the mundane as often as possible, break your work routine, with short meditations, permeate your body with breath and positive words - at this point in time it will seed any desired change.



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