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The 10/90 ratio

In mysticism, Kabbalah, Vedic wisdom, Gnostics and other mystical traditions, our reality based on our senses is limited. It points out (in those traditions) that we are engaged at only 10 precent of reality based on our physical experience and 90 precent of our reality is hidden or unseen. The 10/90 ratio is applicable to more then just our reality (some will be more generous in their assessment and will suggest a 20/80 ratio). As creative being we are tirelessly engaged in our creative process, tinkering, plotting, planning, reconfiguring, and redrawing, over and over - to try to get to the bottom of our passion and purpose and to what matter to us. The truth is (based on performance analysis and research in the areas of creativity and performance) that to achieve, our dreams and desires, our passions and inspirations, insight is a short spark of inspiration and vision which needs to accumulate 10 precent of our time/process, and practice, habits and engagement with others need to occupy 90 precent of our time and process.

The tendency with creatives is to shift from insight to insight, from start to another start and from a bit of inspiration to the next bit of inspiration. That kind of engagement, leave us worn out, unsatisfied and unaccomplished. Seeking a purpose or a niche, a specific audience, requires trial and error process around our idea, product, or vision and forming steady paced habits and practices. Process create engagement, movement and a sense of accomplishment and mastery.

So when you set sail to self actualize your potential and find your purpose, give yourself a lot of room for errors, don't beat yourself up for not knowing, because we really don't know what will be revealed, nor we have the ability to control the weather of our journey. The potential of your journey is in that unseen reality portion (10/90), it is a vast ocean that you have not fully engaged in yet. The engagement itself will need a set of miles stones and some form of accountability, to forge a path that fuel that original insight and adjust its out come according to what you are going to discover through experience, practice and engagement along the way. Don't get your judgements deter you, you will move few steps forward and few steps backwards along the way, you will distract yourself and walk away from your main rout many times, yet accountability and your vision will get you back on track.

Inspiration is a spark, respiration is the process, and consistency of process requires accountability. Foe example for myself to be a mentor, a life coach and a teacher I need another coaching framework and a plan to follow to hold me accountable to what I would like to achieve and accomplish in my journey! I have a coaching mentor that provide me with a framework to pursuit my purpose-work. And this is what I provide, spiritual/creative mentors and leaders.

Here is some more information about Life Purpose Coaching, and more on some of the technology I use to fuel that 90 precent of process - Positive Intelligence 7 week foundation process.

Check out my Insta for some daily-ish inspiration. I offer life coaching and a variety of consultations, Life Coaching, Numerology Readings, Tarot readings Partnerships-compatibility readings.



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