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February's forecast - the illusionary side of Relationships

The year opened up slowly, a New seed of opportunity within the last week of January - matters started to move fast. a touch of creativity was in the air, and then that creative buzz stopped, as February rolled in with a sense of doubt and hesitance. The 2nd month of the year is about the battles of overcoming duality, self-doubt, and bringing in inspiration and a sense of harmony (especially in matters of the heart); the need for diplomacy in any form will be in demand. When spirit is present, there is a great potential for connection and unity. The double 20 this month will create a greater longing to connect and belong. Many issues of trust will come up (areas of over cooperating, vs. under cooperating) There is a possibility of self dismantlement of connections and separation especially around unresolved issues from the past. Leaving that past behind, and creating a tighter connections between partners and collaborators will benefit all. As separation occurs amongst the global community – to a level of extremes – fantiscism on the rise as well as spiritual polarities – know your unwavering passion and desire. It is time of re defining trust and inner knowing so one can be, more engaged. Illusion vs. practicality, is the unseen energy which drives our decision making this month. We may find ourselves riding unreal expectations especially in the areas of our own spiritual understanding and connection. The key this month is to maintain good work pace, have a plan in hand, and complete incomplete projects. In the month where relationship are a central theme, it is recommended to take alone time. Taking time for yourself will benefit the relationships around you. Try to see the bright side in some of the challenging circumstances of constrain and disagreement - it is a deep opportunity to re connect to yourself and create a new understanding and inspiration.

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